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  1. Really nice Guaguachong!!! This will be my next work on the bench.... Javier
  2. You can see more pictures of the process on: more pictures Javier
  3. Ying I always saw the PE installed, but never saw the process... and its not easy, we are learning!! It's my first time working with PE!! Decals are done: Then... a post shading process: Comments are welcome Thanks for looking
  4. Hey Ying Thanks for stay tune... I'm working out of New York, but I have some new pictures.. Masking for the dark green before the futura coat Starting decal process: That's all for now...I'll be posting more pictures soon.. Thanks for looking... Comments are welcome Javier
  5. Hey guys some progress: Primed and trying to add some dirt on the lines Now the yellow sections: masked: Now the Blue Light:
  6. Really nice job Gil Javier
  7. Nice detail.. Looking good Javier
  8. Almost ready for primer: Javier
  9. Really nice Don. yes, I was asking about the rack... and other details. I hope I can do something good as yours Emil's. Javier
  10. Thanks Don. I will be using a SKG-210 (S9+CD) Javier
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments... This is the cockpit:
  12. Hi I want to share my first work with PE... Its a Tamiya BF-109E7 and Eduard sets 48-445 and 49220 I started with the PE process: Thanks all for looking, comments are welcome Javier
  13. Thanks Don, I used RLM-66 for the cockpit... What is the "rack"? I'm using Eduard sets 48-445 and 49220 I'll post pictures soon.
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