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  1. I've got both of those too but for the hobby room machine I like the hard wired connection better. I like to use the internet radio when I model too....keeps the screen on since I set it to go off after 45 minutes (same with the main puter)
  2. I thought of this last nite while I was working on a couple models. I use a computer at my work bench all the time, load photo's of what planes I might be working on, diagrams and the like. I've found it to be a useful tool. Also I can take short breaks without leaving the model bench to surf the net and check emails without having to move to the main machine I use here. What I started doing was since I try to get a new machine every 2-3 years downgrading the current main machine to the hobby room, where its good for another couple years :P Current hobby room machine is 3 years
  3. I know that guy also. He's ok but tends to have his stuff marked MSRP. I booked him 1 year here, gave him one of my best spots (there ain't no really bad ones my venue) and he couldn't sell 2 kits all day. Shame is he carries newer stuff that would sell with a decent markdown that would still let him make money on the stuff
  4. Sounds like Buzz all right. When I took over the show here in Cincinnati I told him we had 3 rules, he pays in cash.......he pulls the "you hold those models till I have the cash end of show then lowball a guy and I'll kneecap him then burn his models in the parking lot........and Rule #3 you ask......see rule #2 :P 1st show I ran I brought a mini-baseball bat and had laying in my "office area" marked B-Buster....you know.....never have had any problems since :P
  5. Sorry Dennis, that's wrong...this info should be in the open section so non-IPMS members can see it....this is modeling related....not purely IPMS related
  6. O'l Buzz....he tried that on me 15 years ago with a 1/48th Tamiya Spitfire kit he had marked at $40-50 bucks .....I still get a kick out of that
  7. 1st rule of vendors at model shows, when they claim someone is going out of business that's so they can justify whatever price they think they can get. I saw another post on Z-5 this week saying Squadron was folding also....claimed the say way, by a vendor or LSH trying to screw someone
  8. I would rank the Fine Molds kits equal to the Tamiya kits, there is no glue holding the stabs and landing gear struts on that sucker. The only problems the kits have is their designed with a basic engine and to have the cowlings 1/2's posed open. The engine needs detail though and I prefer OOB builds....here's one with better fit there I did end of last year That one I did glue the 1/2s on and you can see the difference in fit. To do that all you need to do is bevel the edges . I've 7 more of them on the table assorted versions (3 F's, 2 G-2's, G-4 and G-6) pl
  9. Thanks, masked and airbrushed it. What I'm not happy with is the cowling fit ...I normally glue those on 1st on the Fine Molds F's but that one I painted them off the model then tried fitting them. I'm toying with doing the same markings again same scale in the fall after I finish some other models
  10. Ok, lets do the one I'm happy with 1st, Tamiya 1/72nd Bf 109E-3 Not a bad job at all if I do say so myself, pictures look flat though Now for the one that could have been better, Fine Molds Bf 109F
  11. Ok Dennis, I'm still seeing the same thing when I come in logged out, lets see if this works http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php? Ok...it's auto logging me on since I'm logged in now but what I see when I log out is 3 of the 4 General Info forums (not the ask admin one we're on now) I'm not seeing any other forums, and getting the same on 3 computers, and I've cleared the cache on all 3. You might be seeing it cuz your using a admin enabled machine maybe??
  12. I'm seeing that. What I'm not seeing is any mention that the modeling forums are open to the public now. Given its a known fact they've been for IPMS members only for the past decade I suggest something there to tell non members they can creat a log-in. Better would be allowing those forums to be "seen" by non registored members so they can get a feel for those forums. Right now it won't attract anyone and the "word ain't out" as it were
  13. I would suggest Eboard members post this info on the open websites
  14. I just shoot it straight after that, no thinning. I've been doing the same with Tamiya gloss in a can past couple models and you've seen the results :D Took me a couple years to get a gloss/flat combo I like but I think I got it :P
  15. I started using Tamiya can flat decanted Dave, been very happy with it. 2 quick coats through the airbrush and no noticible color shifts
  16. Plenty of room...last time I checked we had over 60 members :P Average meeting runs 30ish except during March Maddness or Bungles home games :P
  17. Check our club website when you get to town Lee, we still use the 2nd Sunday of the month but have moved to a new location a couple years ago
  18. Thanks...trust me. I had complaints from 1 member years ago that we didn't run our club like he thought a IPMS should be run (had been in 12 of them over the years) and he was very unhappy with the way things were...ended up moving and I wish him well. The majority runs my motley crew...everyone has imput and the major things officers do is pay the bills. Our Make and Take is one of the most active in the region (not that you would know from this website....it seems everything gets lost in cyberspace when it gets submitted)...same with our Kits for Troops program, we run drives every 4 mo
  19. Gary just joined my crew a few months ago, you'd be suprised how he likes it...but then we price ourselfs in being the most non IPMS IPMS club in the country...which means we laugh, joke and help each other out here
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