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  1. I'll be contacting Mike 1st chance I get Dick. I've got a couple questions for him 1st. (we already have our show pictures loaded on a secure site....I'm wondering if there is a way to link them from that to the site...save having to load em twice :) )
  2. Our club web guy (Steve Stohr) did a bang up job, here's a link http://www.cincyipms.com/articles.htm Anyone wanting the winners list it's in the November Neweletter...feel free to check it out :) http://www.cincyipms.com/index.htm
  3. I started glosscoating today, I'm wanting this done by the end of October but ain't pushing it..it looks to nice to mess up
  4. I prefer enamels for exteriors myself, I have used water based for interior stuff
  5. Latest work on this one I airbrushed the RLM 04 over the weekend, after shooting white as a base. Next step is painting wingtip lights and pitot tube tip and I'll be ready for gloss and a light panel line wash
  6. I learned 1 thing over the years, never build a model for a contest on a deadline. My rule is if it ain't done 1 week before a show let it go...screwed up too many models years ago doing the 2 am nite before rush. I gots enough awards :P
  7. Not a chance, it takes me a couple weeks to shoot gloss and highlight panel lines then decal. I'm hoping your show but won't rush it...it's looking to nice to mess up now
  8. Latest work on this one "Base camo" is done, all I need to do is mask and paint RLM 04 (that's yellow for you non Luftwaffe types :P ) then gloss, highlite and the like. I need to shoot white 1st as a base for the yellow so it'll be a few days before that's done. The camo really helped the look of the striping in my mind real-time....glad I toned it down now
  9. I'm thinking larger scale would be a piece of cake :P
  10. Getting the paint thinned with a Grex is the main thing, I need to run it a tad thinner than I normally mix my paints. Dual hookup for the compresser I got at a hardware store
  11. Ok, Day 2 of torturing myself I shot the right side striping then toned both sides down a tad figuring glosscoat darkens paint. I then got frisky and did the RLM 02 mottle. Starboard side I can live with, port there are 2 areas bugging me I'll need to redo the strip then the mottle. I'll have to let paint dry overnite first. I kind of wish I had waiting to tone both the RLM 71 and 02 at the same time but it'll have to do there. After I fix the areas I mentioned I'll do the basic camo during the week. I figured it would be easier this way....I hope :P
  12. I actually started doing 1/72nd scale Luft stuff cuz 1/48th was getting so easy (yeah, I've got myself fooled there :P )
  13. Aeromaster enamels, I've a large stash of them :P The RLM 71 (green) I used a Grex pistol grip style airbrush, for the RLM76 touch up I used a Sotar 20/20. I run a dual rig so I can use 2 airbrushes at 1 time, help alot when I do Luft mottle work
  14. Hey Ed, No tracing, I just starting shooting with 1 airbrush RLM71 then going back and touching up as needed with another loaded with RLM 76. No photo of the starboard side the plane I want to do, I don't have a photo of it at all (that's a Emil in the pic I posted for the Bf 109 challanged :P ), I'm doing one from the Errormaster sheet http://www.squadron.com/ProfileDetails.asp?item=EP72070 A/C 4 that sheet. I do have pics of other JG 54 birds starboard side so I'm doing the ol "Luftguessimatte" thing. Just doing it this scale is something I seldom see people do so I had to try :P
  15. Of course, I cornered the market on those :P I'm wanting to get it done by your show, if I do just hand me my trophy at the door :P
  16. I'm trying to get something similar to this JG 54 was known for their funky "lizard scale" patterns
  17. If he's a member of my club then ask Dave my 2 favorite words.....slave labor :P
  18. Same here....maybe we'll hook up at R-5 this weekend, I might be coming up now :P Can't enter though...carpooling with a buddy and we're vending maybe if he can get off
  19. What the heck, save's me doing it later this summer :P 9 am to 4 pm Scarlet Oaks Vocational School Cincinnati Scale Modelers October 2nd Contest and Swap meet 3452 E. Kemper Rd. Sharonville Ohio Info may be found at our club website http://www.cincyipms.com Contact Person Don Flynn donaldflynn@fuse.net crazydon@fuse.net 513-777-6618 We'll have downloadable forms for the contest up by the 60 day mark, we're in the middle of remodeling the site and I lost the jackhammer :)
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