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  1. I thik this photo is a pretty good indicater that they would have... http://www.f-111.net/F-111A/F-111A-in-SEA.htm
  2. Looks like you guys might actually have something to look forward to now with the performance Strasburg put up tonight...
  3. A few more shots of the piece after the camo pattern was added. This is Gunze red brown and khaki green followed by a misting of dark yellow lighted up with a bith of white to fade everything out a bit.
  4. Its the same warning in Greman and French - looks like it is a warning prohibiting the dumping of water in a particular area... or maybe it says no spitting... something like that
  5. Thanks - this is actually an experiment in that I've never used the preshading technique before (at least on armor). So far, I'm pleased with the results...
  6. Since I'm caught up with my review timelines, I decided to pick up where I left off on an older project that's been sitting on my shelf. Panthers and their variants are probably my absolute favorite aremor subjects. This is one in particular is the DML Panther G w/ Zim. It's a quite nice kit! I've done some of the preshading and an initial base coat. The base is Gunze Dark Yellow and still needs a few more passes to blend in the shading. I'd like to go with marking other than what's provided on the decal sheet. Any suggestions?
  7. Amazing! Lined up side by side, I wouldnt know the difference between this and lightsheet.
  8. Well again, my experience with Tamiya kits was in the older ones - now that I know how much better their newer releases are, I'm more incluned to pick a few of them up. My only complaint, I guess, is the fact that they are a bit price prohibitive.
  9. Here are some photos from the Tamiya Jagdtiger Mid Production. This will probably be up within the next couple weeks on the review site. This kit was a dream - it's been a long time since I have completed a Tamiya kit (most of which were from the 70's that I inherited from my granddad). I added a set of Friul tracks to this one laong with an Eduard aluminum barrel (only because I had them, not because the kit needed them). I still have a bit more detail work to do as well as the engine deck mounted MG.
  10. Tim, et al... I had actually meant to follow up on this, but it is indeed the case that thinning Mr. Color at a much higher thinner ratio is necessary. In playing around with it, I'm finding that for airbrush use, I'm needing to thin it at about 80/20 thinner to paint. At this ratio, it goes on absolutely beautifully! The same ratio applies for Mr. Surfacer, as well. For the longest time, I thought it was my airbrush that was the problem - I replaced the needle (unnecessarilly, in retrospect) several times to no avail. I'm even finding that at the 80/20 ratio, I can use the cheap Wal-Mart
  11. Has anyone else out there using Mr. Color found that it is necessary to thin that brand of paint a little bit more than you would other brands? I'm finding that in order for me to prevent a stringy mess out of the airbrush, I have to thin Mr. Color at a rate of up to 80/20 of Mr. Thinner to Paint. With other brands a 50/50 rate pretty much does the job flawlessly. I'm just wondering because I have absolutely no problems with any other brands at all.
  12. Absolutely - as always, great pieces! I think James' Cyber Hobby Early IV J was my favorite of this round.... I love the ambush scheme. What airbrush are you using for the pattern patches on the schurzen?
  13. Wow - great sale. I just picked up the Grex XN. Tim - if you like Badgers, check out the Badger Garage Sale link on their website. They have some pretty good items come up there at great prices. I got a Sotar for 90.00 last year - they say that these arer 'scratch and dent' items, but the Sotar I received was in perfect condition.
  14. This is really cool... http://www.boingboing.net/2010/04/26/apoll...launch-rev.html
  15. Sounds good Tracy - I will, in fact be at the Atlanta show in June... Looking forwward to taking a look at it.
  16. There were some great armor subjects in the most recent round of reviews posted (April 27th). I especially like the Marder III - GREAT WORK! I had that kit in my hand the other day at the LHS - I wish I hadn't put it back on the shelf...
  17. Sounds to me like he was trying to pull a fast one...
  18. I don't know - I've ordered the 'Same Stuff' equivalent of ProWeld, and it was definitely not the same stuff. Either that, or I just got a bad batch of it...
  19. You know, that was my first thought - I was a little bit dissapointed because the texture of the plastic is just like the texture of resin.
  20. I intended to post these earlier - here are some photos of the new 1/1000 R2 Enterprise Refit kit. I haven't really seen a comprehensive set of photos of the kit on any of the other sites. Another really nice kit, though I wish it weren't a snap together kit as I feel like the engineering of snap kits sacrifices some build quality. The high point of this kit is definitely in the 3 sheet decal set with includes all the aztek pattern detail. This is another kit where the Paragrafix PE detail set will be a nice addition as it has stencils to drill out the saucer edge windows (there is little or n
  21. And to think people laugh at me for keeping all my DML spare parts that arent used in a givent kit...
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