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  1. That would be the 1972 incarnation of "Solaris" (or Solyaris if you like), which came out quite some time before I was born, but is actually a quite good film - much better than the Clooney version. I actually saw the clooney version first, which sparked my interest in the original
  2. Ahh, my bad - I've looked at it a thousand times and never noticed it wasn't 35th.
  3. Glencoe Models also made one in 35th scale. If you have a Hobbytown USA near you, check that out as they seem to carry alot of the Glencoe kits and I always see a Mechanical Mule on the clearence table when I'm in there. I think that I have also seen the Dragon version as well. If you really want to ++++ off the signifcant other, you could buy the real thing - there's an M274 on ebay now for about 3800 bucks....
  4. I know that Superscale makes or made a set - Item No. 72594. Zotz also makes a set (http://www.zotzdecals.com/F-14.htm). According to their website, it is sold out in 72nd. I used to have the superscale set, but got rid of it when I went on my recent armor modeling kick.
  5. It really is that easy, but I'm anal and I break down my HP-CS every time I switch colors. It really does look like the day I bought it. As far as lubricating it, I just followed the instructions and used the MEdea brand lubricant.
  6. I have had the same thing happen - it resolves itself however, when another coat of future is put over the decals
  7. And let me tell you - Microsol worked beautifully for the decals applied to the waffel zimmerit on the Cyberhobby StuH 42 G
  8. Not only that, but it remains culturally (and socially) relevant. On a lighter note, how about an 80's sci-fi film - "The Stuff" it was 'The Blob' meets 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
  9. You can also use a small spot of it for PE parts - I've found it especially usefull for the larger PE parts (I wouldn't recommend it for fastenning tool clamps to armor).
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