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  1. Dennis, I'm in a dilema. I came across quite a few old Revell (1953 era) aircraft model stands, most with the aircraft decals identifying the aircraft type. I'm selling these for a local musuem & don't know to set a price or ask for the highest bidder. I've never sold any items before. Your advise please. Thank you, John Maene
  2. Tim, Appreciate your info. Thank you, John
  3. Ralph, Many thanks for the quick response. I just got a Hobby Boss Hellcat & if you only eyeballed the colors shown, you'd be way off. Appreciate the help, John
  4. Looking for the WW II F.S. colors for U.S.S. Intrepid Hellcat. Thank you, John
  5. Ralph, Do you know the SAC F.S. color numbers? Thank you, John Maene
  6. Did the Combat Lancer F-111s deployed to Nam have black anti-glare panels between the radome & windshield? The few photos that I 've seen are not the best quality & raise questions on this issue. John Maene
  7. Clarence, Appreciate your help. I did see the other numbers, but it appears that maybe over time, the colors do fade. I've seen pictures of some very strange,not quite bleached or washed out colors. Thanks again, John
  8. I've seen more than 1 picture that the ECM pods were all white; Squadron "In Action" of the 111 confirms this & other pictures as well. John M.
  9. Looking for the (early/first) F.S. colors for the FB-111A. The colors appear to be different (lighter or faded) than the standard SEA TAC fighter F.S. colors. Thank you, John
  10. Looking for the F.S. colors of the multi blue F-16 s of the Agressor squadron at Nellis AFB. Thank you, John Maene
  11. What are the F.S. 592a colors for the F-22?
  12. Question: I'm about to do a F-86H Sabre Jet & I need to know if the overall silver is an acrylic silver or is it polished metal. Thank you, John Maene
  13. As an ex-crew chief of the F-100C Super Sabre, I have noticed that the recessed panel lines(inspection panels) & skins that butt one another on certain models are too, too dark in the lines that modelers do. This might impress somes judges, but the model does not accurately show what its supposed to look like. This effect even shows up on all the undersides as well. Aside from the wheel wells or engine/fuselage or the engine/cowling areas, the skin is relatively clean & void of darkened lines. I've even noticed on some models a natural metal skin & black flush type fastener screws! Why? There are some exceptions to this rule. The bottom line is to gather as many photos as possible & transfer what the photo shows to the model. Judges might in the future might request a photo or photos to justly present an award. All comments/opinions are welcome. John Maene/Hawthorne, N.J.
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