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  1. Let me clarify. Not actually paint over the decal. But use paint before I submit the photo to the forum.
  2. Dave, Thanks for pointing me to this website. It all seems so simple now to do rigging.
  3. I will just paint over the nudity.
  4. Gil, You are correct. I was thinking this was the Monogram model(I grabbed the wrong model for the pics).
  5. Thanks Gil for the blueprint and pics. I will try to build one.
  6. Rusty, Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out.
  7. I need some suggestions please. I only build aircraft in 1/48 scale. The planes are displayed in my basement on wooden shelves mounted on the walls of the basement. My collection of built aircraft is exceeding 200+. I used to be able to keep up dusting off the planes. But my collection is growing so large so that I cannot keep up with the dusting off. I need to display my models better than having them on wooden shelves exposed to getting dusty. I looked on line and I cannot find any good clear acrylic floor model display cases. I do not want to spend a arm and a leg(no more that $500/case). I also cannot find any large enough for 1/48 scale bombers(these plane can take up a lot of space). I now I could scale down to 1/72nd. I prefer 1/48th scale. Any ideas?
  8. Hasegawa's Hawker Typhoon Ib bubble top. Eduard's PE cockpit, Resin wheels, Resin Bombs, Eduard's Canopy mask. AK paint, AK wash.
  9. Hasegawa's Grace. Eduard PE cockpit, Resin Wheels, Eduard Canopy mask AK paint, AK panel line wash.. Japanese canopies would be would be tedious "greenhouse canopy" without Eduard's canopy mask, saves a lot of time.
  10. Hi Gil, The F-105 you mention must be P**** G*****. Over the years the Air force has really changed to allow what might politically incorrect nose art from being allowed in WW2 with no censorship and not allowed(except for the gulf war) today. I guess the same could could be for allowing pin ups in the barracks. I still have a WW2 pin up(Betty Grable) my father had from WW2. Too bad I will not have the tail art showing, this is why I got the aftermarket decals. Rusty, I am not experienced enough with photo shop to put clothes on the naked lady. I do have something called snap and paint on my laptop and i can erase the picture on the model like I did to the picture above.
  11. Thank you for the info. When the P-40 is finished I will post the pictures of the model, but not include the naked lady on the tail.
  12. I am almost ready to put some decals on a P-40 tail that has some naked ladies for tail art(change of pace for naked ladies nose art). A squadron of P-40s operating in the MTO had some interesting tail art. My question is if I post in the forum the finished P-40 with the naked lady(or naked lady nose art) will I be breaking a Forum rule of posting a plane with a naked lady decal? I do not wish to offend anyone.
  13. Nice job! Out of the box? Matchbox kits are known to have "trenches" for engraved panel lines. The engraved panel lines ok in this kit?
  14. I agree with everything Gil has to say on this subject. Let me add, I am a dinosaur, one of those "graying modelers", 55 years of building models and going. I feel that kids of today build what they build is a generational thing. When I was growing up mostly every ones father was a WW2 vet (including mine). In general, planes, tanks and ships of WW2 are not familiar with todays younger generation. Hence, todays youth build something more familar to them(Gundam and SiFi). Also there was not much to do for a kid growing up in the 60s and early 70s. You could play outside, play sports or build models.
  15. Sorry for asking. I see you metioned using PE.
  16. Nice job on the cockpit and exhausts. PE or decals for the instrument panel displays?
  17. Thanks Gil, I will be using wire . Awhile back I bought some wire in different diameters. I will post pictures when the Walrus is done Wish me luck.
  18. I have been putting off building the new 1/48 scale Airfix Walrus. Rigging a biplane scares me to death! I sure this question has been asked many times? I searched the Web for the best/easiest way to rig a biplane in 1/48 scale. I could try drilling a hole putting the rigging wire through(EZ line) and using Superglue to hold the line in the hole. Drilling a dimple on the bottom wing and then Superglueing the EZ line (pulling it taunt) in the dimple. Is this best/easiest way to rig? Should the rigging be done after painting and decals are put on? If so, how are the dimples handled? I do not want to ruin the paint work by filling and sanding the dimple. Anyone have any ideas on how I should go about this? Thanks.
  19. The bottom of is the VTANG aircraft. I remember seeing this plane flying overhead win I was a kid. Grew up in Winooski in the 60s and early 70s so I was right under the flight path on final approach. .
  20. Starting to build the T-33A from Academy with aftermarket decals of a VTANG bird. The kit is originally a Hobbycraft kit. Should be a simple build. One of Hobbycrafts better kit.
  21. This may be a duplicate post. Paint is neat and work bench is utter chaos.
  22. You are correct, it has been a treasure hunt. So far I have found 1/48 scale decals for VTANG planes of the F-102 and T-33A. The rest I have cobbled together.
  23. My pains are nice and organized My workbench is another story! .
  24. IRecently got some tubes of water paint. I am going to use the water paint to make a wash for NMF. What is the ratio of water paint/water/detergent to make the wash? Thanks.
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