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  1. Welome to IPMS.. Excellent job on the battle wagon. Which kit is this and what scale?
  2. There are a couple of web sites that give the history of VTANG and you find pictures of some of the aicraft they flew. Some may disagree but VTANG is one of the best airguard units in the US(why they are getting the new F-35, usually the planes were hand me downs from the Air Force). From a Navy vet, thank you for service. You are correct about the decal maker(I cannot remember the name either, must be having a senior moment). This is where I got the VTANG (the green mountain boys )for the F-102.
  3. I live in the state of Vermont. I am starting to build every type of plane the VTANG flew from 1946 to the present. The planes flown would be P-47N, P-51H, F-86D,F-89C,F-94A,T-33,F-102B,B-57B,F-4C, F-16C and in 2019 the F-35. I have rounded up 1\48 scale kits of each along with some VTANG decals. Does anyone know where I can get VTANG decals for the F-89,F-94,B-57 and F-4C? And by the way the B-57B was not used as a bomber but for electronic warfare.
  4. ju52junk


    I have the 1/48 Hasegawa A7-E in my stash, which has decals for VA--12 in the hi vis paint scheme circa 1970's (when I served). Have been putting off build kit because the avionics bay are open. I want to build the kit with bays closed, but I am sure the panels for bays will not fit well with the bays closed. Wish me good luck. Was any of your past A7 builds the 1/48 Hasegawa kit? Also, thank-you for your service fellow vetern.
  5. Thanks Gil, I will try Mig pigments mixed with water and detergent(surfactant).
  6. I need some tips please with natural metal finishes. I dread making a model with NMF. The problem I have is when I use a wash and then remove the wash I always seem to remove the metal color down to black base coat. I use AK washes on top of xtreme metal or Vallejo metallics Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I have an F-86 in the stash but thenplane has NMF, so I keep putting the build off. HELP!!!!
  7. ju52junk


    Excellent job on the P-3C. Welcome back to the hobby. When I finished Navy bootcamp my 1st 3 choices was to be attached to a P-3C squadron. This wish was in vain. I ended up serving with an A-7E squadron VA-12 , the flying Ubangis.
  8. How about some well detailed 1/48 Waco and Horsa gliders?
  9. ju52junk

    Panel Lines

    Thank-you for all your raised panel line thoughts. One more question? Colored pencils or the good old #2 lead pencil?
  10. ju52junk

    Panel Lines

    This may have already been covered. I have many Monogram/Revell kits is my stash. I have been avoiding building them because of the dreaded raised panel lines. Could anyone tell me the best method to use to highlight the raised panel lines? I see some built kits that mentioned a pencil was used.
  11. I see that I have only 1.4mb Max total size 1.4MB remaining to add photos. Looking at my past photos in the forum. A photo takes up about 3.0mb of space. Do I have to delete my posts to add more photos? Or how can I get more mbs? I am new to the forum and I would appreciate any help answering these questions. I have over 200 models and growing that I like to post pictures of my builds. Thank you in advance.
  12. ju52junk


    I need help in locating resin tires to replace those rubber tires that come with Trumpter's AD3 Skywarrior. I know Steel Beach made some but are OOP. Thanks.
  13. Jim, Thank you for your words of encourgement. Now back to building Eduarrd 's Royal Class Fw-190A early birds.
  14. Thank you for replying Mark. Sadly, Mark I must agree that Vermont does not have enough people to support a bricks and motor esablishment. Back in the late 60s and early 70s there was a small but good hobby shop in downtown Burligton called Russel`s hobby shop(anyone in the Burlington area remember?).
  15. This may have already been discussed. A great way to organize you paint is to use clear acryilic nail polish origanizer. that hang on the wall. Can get through Amazon. Holds about 100-120 bottles of paint such as AMMO, MIG, TAMIYA, VALLEJO, TESTORS. Also a great way to organize your paint sets is to purchase a peg board and peg board hooks.
  16. My name is Jim Pariseau. I am a new member. Been building models since I was 5 years old (54 years ago). I live in South Burlington, Vermont. Mostly I build 1/48 scale airplanes. My ever increasing stash is up to about 200 models. I have finally realized I will never build them all. But always in the market to purchase new kits and after market accessories. You can say I am a compulsive buyer. Looking to hear from other modelers. Does anyone know why Vermont does not have any good hobby shops?
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