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  1. Nice job! I am not to familiar with SA markings. Is that a Eagle on the national markings? Must be a squadron marking on the tail (looks like a bug)?
  2. Thanks Gil, Seeing that the Ki 100 is a late war fighter the prop could be black with a yellow tip. But I will go with the red primer and yellow strip. To me this looks better than black with a yellow tip.
  3. I am currently building the Hasegawa 1/48 scale Ki 100 tony. Pretty simple build. There is a question I have and I just want to make that I am correct in my thinking. The instructions say to paint the prop black. Maybe I am wrong but I think black is the wrong color. The color I normally use for Japanese props is White Ensign Models red primer which is a mahogany color. Also, the instructions say to paint the prop tips in yellow. I may be mistaken again but only USAAF and RAF prop tips were painted yellow.
  4. I cannot remember what was said in the video. I would imagine either sprue or sheet styrene will give you the same results. I do remember in the video white styrene was used with a little black acryilic paint added to the goo. I use black colored styrene so the black acryilic paint is not needed.
  5. I like your work area. Mine looks like a hurricane has been through the area. I noticed your clear acrylic paint racks. Just wondering if they are nail polish display racks or the paint display rack Florey models have for sale? The display racks look like the ones that I have (nail polish displays). Also wondering how you store your paint sets(like Vallejo)? You may have limited space, but I use peg boards. Never used the Stynylrez primer before, are they good primers to use?
  6. The exhaust also shows this to be an Oscar.
  7. Looking more closely at the kit. I am wrong. The plane is not a Frank but an Oscar. What through me off was the tail tip. The tip looked rounded, like a Frank's tail. But the aerial mast is in front of the cockpit like the Oscar and not behind the cockpit like the Franks.
  8. The Frank and Oscar look similar. The tails look different. The Frank tail has a rounded tip and the Oscar tail tip is more pointed. The spinners also have different shapes.
  9. It is a Frank. I will show an Oscar soon.
  10. ju52junk

    F4U Corsair

    Thanks for the reply.
  11. I like Tamiya (shake and bake) kits. I am starting to like Airfix betterthan in past , seeing that more 1/48 scale kits are being released with good detail. I find it said that oversea manufactures now haver more new releases Gone are the days of Monogram/Revell being in the lead. Duke and you always have kind comments on my builds thanks
  12. Thanks again. Almosr ready to do the Camo on the BV 141(was an easy build as expected).
  13. ju52junk

    F4U Corsair

    Thanks for the FYI. I cannot remember if this is how the tape was applied in rhe field. I noticed for this Corsair version there where fabric surfaces on the wings. Do you know if later F4Us replaced the fabric n the wing s with metail?
  14. ju52junk


    Thanks. Wait until you see the nose art on the Spitfie IXc the Amerians borrowed for long range experiments.
  15. ju52junk

    F4U Corsair

    Thanks. Got the assembly line fited up. Trying to put a dent in the stash. Problem is I build one but I buy two.
  16. ju52junk

    F4U Corsair

    F4U Corsair. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard canopy mask, Quick Boost resin exhausts. True details resin wheels. Aftermarket decals. Vallejo paint.
  17. ju52junk


    This model is a P40E. The model represents a P40F (do not think there is much of an appearance difference. This plane represents a P40F of the 85th FS /79th FG, MTO, North Africa 1943(High Kicker). Vallejo paints, Eduard PE cockpit, Aries resin seat, Quick Boost exhaust pipes, Eduard canopy mask, Eduard Brassin resin 500lb bomb, CMK resin main wheels and tail wheel/tail wheel cover, CMK resin under carriage covers, AK panel line wash. Oops, just noticed the 500lb is crooked.
  18. Nakajima Ki-44. Eduard Cockpit PE, Eduard canopy mask, True detail resin wheels, WEM colourcoat, Testor model master lacquer spray semi-gloss.
  19. Nakajima Gekko. Eduard Cockpit PE, Eduard canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM colourcoat enamel, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testor model master lacquer spray semi-gloss.
  20. Ki 84 Frank of . i like my WW2 Japanese aircraft with a factory fresh finish versus the worn/scuffed looked. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard Canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM Colourcoats enamels, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testors lacquer spray Semi-gloss.
  21. Awaiting for Eduard's IXc. Also, got some interesting KITS World decals for this bird. Will need to rob some bomb racks are tear drop drop tanks from Tamiya's P -51. Evidently, the US obtained 2 aircraft from the Brits for long range experiments that flew out of Wright field. I think the aircraft were only used for experiments. Hopefully, I will will have this model built in a month or two. the left tire looks a little flat to me. This is the plane without the nose art.
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