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  1. I have yet to use some 3D printer plastic that I purchased from Shapeways. So 1/48 details for aircraft and some 1/350 details for US aircraft carrier hanger bays. What type of glue would be recommended. I do not thick the plastic is styrene? So, CA glue should probably be used. To those who are not aware of this site, Shapeways sells items produced on 3D printers. The sites has all kinds of items for sale. For example, when in the site, type 1/48 for the search. Just bought this tonight.
  2. I have a question. I have a 1/48 scale F-16 that I plan on someday to build. I noticed that F-16s and other jets have a whitish color on the inside of the nozzle. How should I paint the inside of the nozzle to reproduce this color? Dry brush with white paint?
  3. Thank-you for the heads up.
  4. ju52junk

    Wings Pallet

    This may be old news. I was surfing the web the other day looking for some interesting aircraft camoflauge schemes. Came across a web site called "Wings Palette". The site says it has 1,000s of aircraft from every nation / era One drawback is only the profiles are shown(akin to the old MPC profile box tops). The URL looks like the site is from Russia. I am typing on my smart TV, so I cannot copy/paste the link. Just type wings palette for the google search.
  5. The good old days of 15 cents /bottle.
  6. Have you had a chance to use those Pactra paints? Just wondering if the paints are still good after all these years?
  7. Surprised the decals are still good. I have some aircraft decals from about 10 years ago and it hit or miss if the decals shatter.
  8. I have Draw decals in 1/48th scale for the F102. Never used Draw decals before. Have you used them before? You already have been to the Vermont National guard museum(mostly Army national guard stuff on display but some airguard stuff also(here is a picture on the missile on display the F-102 used). Haven't been there for awhile but there may still be amour and aircraft models on display. Here is the link to the museum http://www.williammaloney.com/Aviation/VermontMilitaryMuseum/index.htm
  9. Nice scratch build. Excuse me for asking. Is the "Roman candle" a what if?
  10. On a shopping spree once again(just got my bonus). Ordered a Fine molds Kit and PE(includes the rigging) from Japan. The reviews on this were good, should not have any difficulty wit the build. This plane you do not see many builds.
  11. Starting the build on the BV 141. Got the assembly line fired up. At the same time I am building the Hasegawa P-40E and the Tamiya IL2. So many models to build, so little time. The BV 141 Is a nice kit to build, few parts, no fit problems so far. And all the clear parts were individually wrapped to prevent scratching. I hate masking greenhouse canopies. but Eduard makes it a lot easier with their canopy masks. The interior for the cockpit calls out RLM66. I think this grey is too dark(could be wrong, maybe the real aircraft used RLM66). I will use RLM02 instead. Also, I don't like the pilots seat that came with the kit(not very detailed), so I will use a resin seat(not sure which type yet). I surprised the RLM even allowed a few to be made with this strange design. One thing that still do not understand is how the tail gunner(not dorsal gunner) fired his gun? The kit has a clear piece for the cockpit tail. The is no opening for the tail gun, so did the tail gunner have to open the glass to fire his gun? I read some kit reviews and they said the right wing was warped because of the packaging. My right wing looks okay. As you can see on the kit box the wings are somewhat gull shaped.
  12. Like the snake decal. Can that decal still be bought. I have the Hasegawa Stuka in my stash with the after market decal of a snake.
  13. Gil, You are correct. Hobbycraft is still producing model kits in Canada. I thought they went out of business because Academy is selling the Hobbycraft T-33(it must just be a rebox, I thought the molds were bought by Academy because Hobbycraft went out of business). Thanks for setting me straight on this.
  14. The hobby boss is going to be an easy build. I got a resin replacement propeller and all the Eduard PE and canopy mask. To me the kit seat looks awful. I would like to replace the kit seat with a resin replacement. Would a resin seat for the FW 190 work? And what about the cowling? I have read reviews about the kits cowling. Would a Ju88 cowling be a good replacement for the kit cowling?
  15. Does anyone know why Hobbycraft went out of business? I know the models were not that that good, except for a few. Some I would buy, open the kit box and the kit looked terrible and into the trash bin the kit went.
  16. Hi Pete, I tried making models upstairs. But my wife has put a stop to that. I am stinking up the house and I got banished to the basement.
  17. Does anyone remember building these screwdriver kits? No glue just screw together, poseable flaps and absolutely no bottom to the top and bottom wing. I liked these kits as a kid because they were easy to build and very large. Notice the price for the Fokker, a whopping &3.50 I believe in 1968 dollars, today it sells for $200 - $700. I cannot remember how much the B25 originally went for. But I see the B25 can run from$200-$500. I think I also had the SE-5. I also think they were supposed to be flying kits.
  18. Yes and Aeromaster enamels.
  19. ju52junk

    C47 Dakota

    Considering this model was built 25 years ago, it is still in good shape.
  20. Guess I am feeling nostalgic tonight. How many remember Pactra authentic international colors. When these paints came out in the early 70s, I thought the colors were greater than sliced bread.
  21. How many remember ordering from Auto world? This is where I first got my 1st 2 Tamiya models. The Kublewagen and Schimmwagen. Then I heard about the Squadron shop and then I got my mail order models there. This was when Squadrom mail order was in Detroit, Michigan.
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