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  1. Free advertisements. Put your club contest on the contest calendar. Many there are a year old! And the 2020 Nat's isn't on the calendar yet, either. Just wondering why clubs don't take advantage of free press.
  2. I've tried multiple times to vote online. Constant "invalid user name or password". Well, it was valid enough to log into the forum. And last time I tried, the capitcha thing would never end. How many traffic lights and buses need be identified before you're "IN". I tried.
  3. I believe the response from the dessert bar in lieu of a banquet has put the knife in the heart of any further awards banquets. It would be nice to have table service for drinks during the awards ceremony and open bars on the surrounding walls. They had one in Chattanooga, but the room was so large (and full of people) that navigating around was difficult. It might be nice, also, to consider table reservations for club members and spouses. (That may be a bridge to far, I get it.) How many square feet did the Nooga Nats vender room have? The contest room? I think it was the big
  4. I've got a truck load of kits for sale, 1/32 aircraft, armor, some sci-fi/fantasy, army trucks, just an odd ball assortment. If you can't find something to buy you're not trying! This is only one of 4 boxes I'm bringing. I expect to stay through Sunday.
  5. I'll sign on for aircraft if no one else has. I helped last year. Randall Cox
  6. So the log in and password are the same or not? I got about 9 of the CAPTCHA things and said I got better things to do than count buses and fire hydrants.
  7. To all of the members of the Phoenix club that hosted this show, thank you. Well done. The venue was just right. The area around the convention center was dripping with eateries. We never had lunch or dinner at the same place. Breakfast, well, across the street was just to convenient. I've got to comment on the cordiality of every person I ran into. From random people at the light rail station, pointing me in the right direction, to on the street helping me find my way. Very pleasant trip, all the way around. The heat. OMG how do you live here? LOL. The field trip to
  8. Looking forward already for the 2020 convention. I've got some time to get on some Pacific War entries!!!! Fly or drive fly or drive I may end up driving this one. Means more time in the vendor room. hehehehe.
  9. Tried to buy raffle tickets and was told they won’t go on sale until Thursday. As I’ll be at the Pima tour all day, I won’t have the opportunity to buy tickets until late in the afternoon. Will the first draw be before the Pima tour is back? Thanks
  10. I Will hit the 48 scale aircraft, spacecraft and Syfy Randall
  11. I sent an email to the address listed and it bounced. I"m available except for the Pima tour day. Let me know, I"ll arrive Tuesday night. Randall Cox
  12. Agree. It's time to acknowledge this years winners in this manner.
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