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I've tried multiple times to vote online.  Constant "invalid user name or password".  Well, it was valid enough to log into the forum.

And last time I tried, the capitcha thing would never end.  How many traffic lights and buses need be identified before you're  "IN". 

I tried. 

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Not the same log in for voting. It is one you need to create (which it says in the instructions but we all know how modelers are with instructions). I am sure Eric will answer you with specifics

Pager says this:


All active IPMS/USA members have an online voting account created from the membership database if they provided an email address during registration or renewal of their membership. This account will only be used for Executive Board elections and/or approval of Constitution and By-Laws Amendments.

Also note that the Voting web site is not connected to any other IPMS/USA website - your Forum or your online store account will notprovide access to the Voting site. And if you changed your email address in the Forums this does not update your email address in the official IPMS Membership database. (Update your email address.)

New accounts have been created for all active IPMS/USA members who have provided an email address to the Office Manager.  Your new username is your email address.

Please read the instructions below to log into the Voting site to activate the account and reset the password.


  1. Read all the steps before proceeding.
  2. Click this link to reset your password.
  3. Enter your email address. This should be the one you provided to IPMS/USA.
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA presented. Click the 'E-Mail New Password' button.
  5. You will receive an email at the address provided which will contain a one-time use link which will log you into the Voting site. Click that link.
  6. Your browser will log you into the Voting site and allow you to change your password.
  7. Go to the Election Ballot page to vote.

If you have any trouble, please use the 'Contact' link and report the issue using the 'Account Issue' category.



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