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  1. Good work..alas I remember starting out in 1/72..the eyes are not what they used to be.
  2. captfue

    US inf at rest

    Thanks Mark, I'm currently working on an SBS
  3. captfue

    US inf at rest

    This first shot was added because the displayed flag is my fathers' (USN), the marine on the left is my grandson, and I'm on the right The figure was made out of spure, and is painted in oils
  4. captfue


    Looking at the history and cost of your project, it goes to show that you don't need $200.00 of aftermarket products to make a $10.00 model look great.
  5. Got to say real nice build
  6. captfue

    Heading home

    Great pose like the way you reworked the figure keep it up....
  7. Mark I'm redoing the man cave so I've been a little slacking in posting I'll get something soon..thanks for asking
  8. Thanks for the input guys.....
  9. Can't decide if I want the Helmut on or off
  10. Turned out really great..like the overall weathered look of the figures
  11. I,ve been working on this figure using melted sprue to create the figure. Iv'e got some new pictures of this figure to include the base.
  12. Real nice little tank..hard to belive it's only 1/72d
  13. Great piece...I like to sculpt my own figures but this is one I'd spend my money on.
  14. Turned out great, I'm working on the old Tamiya kit...
  15. Outstanding display.. love the since of proportion between the figures and the stone face..just has that feel of hot and muggy again great work....
  16. captfue

    !st posting

    Hey thanks all, Dose anyone know the syntax to view the pictures in the post?
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