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  1. Right....the judges'll deduct points for that.
  2. Spasibo! The spinners and leading edges are Alclad aluminum. The kit decals are very thin so handle them delicately...'float' them off the sheet onto the model and position them as gently as possible using a wet brush.
  3. No real problems, but multipart, poor fitting nacelles needed a lot of filling/sanding.
  4. I need a pair of the jet engine pods from the Monogram B-36. I have a pair from a B-47, but the B-36's would work much better. Any help?
  5. thanks guys...here's the build : http://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=319&t=11577 The interior was was scratch built.
  6. The ancient J & L vacuform. Engines from Revell Stearman Pt 13's
  7. Thanks for the compliments Gil...There are not many planes that are that shiny, but the B-17 B's and C's were so I just went for it. Mark: The Ilyushin is !/72. Not an easy build (And, I'm editing the caption...It's Amodel, not Anigrand). I'm just over in Culver City if you want to stop by and have a look.
  8. Amodel Il-76 Academy B-17B Williams Brothers C-46 with Draw Decals
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