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  1. Jim Thanks for your rapid reply to my request for information on flying boat anti-glare panels. I have Elliott's marking books, Vol 1 & 2 and did find the source you identified in your reply as associated with Spec SR-2f. I must have missed it when I made my initial scan of Vol 2. Thanks for the update. I could not find any of the other specs addressing the anti-glare colors but I do not need that data at this time. If you are going to the IPMS NAtional in Phoenix in August you will, I hope see exactly where your supporting data will have been reflected on my flying boat mo
  2. HY I need a word of wisdom concerning the color used on USN flying boat antiglare panels for aircraft in the 1950's era. My memory, with no obvious reference source, leads me to believe that the correct color is a flat version of the basic airfarame color, generally sea blue. Any thoughts or a confirmation of this approach would be appreciated. Richard
  3. I haven't made it a point to write to the IPMS members but I did a little research recently looking for a reasonably cost replacement for Future Floor wax that I wanted to report. There has been a continues rumor that the Clear version of Future, used by many modelers as a gloss top coat, will no longer be available. As my supply was starting to run low I started looking for a new bottle of Future. After surveying all the various supply sources in my area I came to the conclusion that it is no longer a rumor as no bottles of Future were found. Given this situation I started to look for a
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