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  1. This is a build of a Lancia Triota 1921 Armoured truck used by the British Army the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Irish Army during the Anglo-Irish War and the resulting Irish Civil War 1919-1923. This is what the end result should look like. The wheels are adapted from the Roden Rolls Royce Armoured Car, as is the suspension and radiator. The drivers seat and the truck-bed are plastic sheet skinned with Billing Boats strip planking. For the moment it remains unpainted till I complete the Crossley 25/30 hp Tender which usually went with the Lancia. It makes me think of an early Guntruck. I was going to post this in the WW1 Theme thread but its now October and I wasn't sure how long it will remain active. regards Paddy
  2. Mark, I bought the BVM Deerhound at Telford SMW09. They and others of their line where there last week-end as part of the Azimut of France stand in Hall 3. As I recall they were there last year as well. Nice kit, unbuilt as yet.In fact I have to confess I haven't opened it yet but I believe it contains resin parts and some Staghound bits.A friend who got one last year is very impressed. Paddy
  3. Mecanix

    Bun E's Jagdpanther

    You arn't kidding Jack saw the photos and the home videos from the "Sandbox" as Glen says. Fine looking lads. A mutual friend used to tell that as a schoolboy he would attempt to set off the perimiter fence alarms around his local Nike site just to get the guard to chase after them. Funny thing about the Cold War, one minute you are in the middle staring East, next you are trying to explain the sublties of the SALT II to your students. Must be an age thing Anyway the story so far.... regards
  4. There is the odd splash/ripple on my side as well. but generally I agree.
  5. Curses! Patrick Does this mean my alta ego as Mecanix the shy modelling Irish lad from Skellig Michael is known to all ? Yes, nearly 10 years now and I have met a fair number in person and will again I hope. Just worked it out been in this Society since the middle 60's, wow! regards
  6. Rob, Terry Thomas indeed, thats me or as I appear to me every morning in my bathroom mirror. The word is I believe....louche and proud of it. regards
  7. Jesse, It can be very easily done, the Skysweeper was started in 1992, the M8 in 1995. AMS or too much or too little reference can be the cause. You find yourself scatchbuilding the ash tray from the drivers cab and suddenly you decide to move on. For myself the urge to go back will return, anything can trigger it, an article,book or picture, even a conversation. It always has so far. Often too when you return your skills have moved on, new references or AM products appear and solve old problems or a new light comes on over your head. Now that can be fun. However I can only work on one project at a time, working on two,thats is two in parallel ,is something I have never ever been able to do. Those who can do so impress me greatly. regards Paddy
  8. An 1/35th M8A1 Cargo Tractor that started out as a Nitto kit but has very little Nitto left. The Skysweeper to go on the backthat has'nt reached above the carriage and gun platform yet.These were to be my long vacation projects this summer. Of course this has been dropped to attempt an 1/35th Nike-Ajax battery that apparently has to be ready for 1000 hrs 7th November 2009. People talk me into these things or my own big mouth does. Whatever, it all adds to lifes passing cavalcade and keeps me off street corners waiting for the bar to open (much as my mother feared would happen). regards
  9. Mecanix

    Bun E's Jagdpanther

    Jack, Here and there, bit of work, bit of surgery, you know how it is when you reach the age of a bus pass,free teeth and glasses. Gunner says he is good but 350 Alpha personalities in one room gets a bit warysome. DC and District seem full of armour fans so his spare time will be full. My SISU XA 180 was on here recently: this is next for the Branch table at the Nov,Telford Nats Already done the figure and one Ajax(ish) but I am only planning a battery of three and thats not going to be too short of a meter long. How I get my self into this stuff is anyone's guess., regards
  10. Mecanix

    Bun E's Jagdpanther

    Very, very acceptable Jack, your getting rather good at this. Just spoken to Glen..good news is he can see the Capitol Dome from his apartment balcony....bad is he only has room for a couple of 1/72 nd kits in the place. Paddy
  11. Mecanix


    I have been doing this modelling stuff since the second Eisenhower Administration and at last I think I am getting the hang of it.So.. She is a Finnish APC based on Renault truck parts.The UN in Lebenon bought quite a few to issue to various National troop battalions serving with UNIFIL. regards Paddy
  12. Mecanix

    Trailer Trash

    Sorry about the delay but painting gave me some cause for concern. As I said,I applied primer &mattblack coats and then several coats of WEM Russian green, so far fine. However to do the white highlightson the truck fenders and trailer side I applied some rather and probably too elaborate masking tape. The result was paint seepage on an epic scale. So I stripped it back to the plastic and tried again. Sadly the remains of the stripper reacted with the new paint so back to square one. Then after a second clean I got back to the green layer and used white PTFE tape fixed with Future. Its a bit rough but time was of the essence so.. Big begger isn't she. Its a bit rough in places and these were taken the Friday morning before Telford so wipers,mirrors and hydraulic lines are still missing. Also missing are what appear to be sway braces along side the tube and maybe a loading whinch on the trailer goose-kneck but time and lack of reference preclude them at the moment. The somewhat lighthearted reference I made to meeting the Society's ICBM expert came true. He arrived with Ian Sadler ,no mean Russian expert himself, on Sunday morning in the middle of my hangover and after detailed examination pronounced it "OK" Praise indeed. regards Paddy Paddy
  13. Mecanix

    Trailer Trash

    I have spent the day spraying this and so far its nearly half an spraycan of car-body primer and a tin and a half of White Ensign Russian green put on. Telford is only two weeks today. While that was drying I spent time on the base which is just under a meter long. Its two blank draw fronts from a kitchen/bedroom furniture fitters workshop near me. They have lots of blank cupboard fronts as samples and when the range changes they dump them. This one is two standard fronts, cut a third of the way in and connected with a biscuit. Red Square is railway 4mm scale plastic brick patterned sheet, glued to balsa plank and glued into the depression, weathered and painted.Apparently the original is grey granite sets so I think it works. A strip of green baise stuck to the bottom and small brass plaque should make it look quite reasonable. The funnel has had a balsa dowel core fitted and over that the top half of a drop tank from a wingy thing unknown. James thank you for you kind remarks. Paddy
  14. Mecanix

    Trailer Trash

    I only just met these Photobucket people last Wednesday so if I have gotten this right and push the buttons in the correct order (where are 12 year olds when you need them?); The tractor, the suspension had been fitted upside down and this is causing wheel attachment problems. The container is 55cm long and 7.5cm wide roughly,in 1/35th. Its made of plastic drainpipe and its taken me nearly a bottle of thinners to get "Marley Drain products are best" off, which ran all the way down the side There appear to be only 2 reference shots of this thing both like the above and taken from a distance by someone with a camera hidden in his bow-tie. This is both restricting and liberating to build. That is untill I meet the resident Soviet ICBM expert at the Nats.We all know he/she is out there Its called the SS11 Sego ICBM by the way. The warhead is a plastic kitchen funnel cut to size. Finally what happens when you ask a (non-modelling)friend to take the photos and then go off and get the coffee. Paddy
  15. Mecanix

    Trailer Trash

    So far then... Paddy
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