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  1. This will be fun to watch 1/43rd scale is my favorite looking good so far Gary.
  2. Both are outstanding but really like the second one
  3. Excellent work I would love to see a tutorial on how you create such realistic weathering.
  4. You have awesome skills well done
  5. In January I wrote down all the names of kits I have in a certain group put them all in a hat shuffled them up and picked one because I could figure out which one I would like to build next. The winner was a Model Factory Hiro Ferrari F2007 multimedia kit. My plan if all goes well is to finish it by October and show it at Modelpalooza 2011 in Orlando.
  6. Thanks Eric I will e mail one
  7. Hello I do I add my new IPMS number to my profile I do not see a spot for it in the control panel?
  8. Where you going to purchase them from? I was looking last night at one site that sold them but they only sell the kits no individual bottles.
  9. Very nice finish love the two tone color
  10. Thank you very much everyone glad you like it I really appreciate it and even to see Akihiro Kamimura name mentioned in one of my threads is a great honor he is by far the best 1/43rd builder I have come across and yet there are some many others I also consider great as well I am such a small fish in a big 1/43rd pond.
  11. Hello again I just completed another Tameo kit I added new belts and the guide wires to the rear wing. Hope you enjoy it thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks guy's really appreciate it. 1996 and it won the Monaco GP one crazy race in the rain.
  13. Here is my latest finished Tameo kit Ligier Mugen Honda Js43. Thanks for looking.
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