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  1. I ordered Boba Fett's Slave 1 a couple days ago using the 10% off Target rewards coupon. It arrived yesterday, just a few days after my order. Order placed 7/2809 and received 7/31/09. Item Subtotal: $52.48 Shipping: $6.21 Sales Tax*: $3.20 Promotion Applied: -$5.25 ORDER TOTAL: $56.64 Pretty good deal for a kit that can run $75+s/h at HLJ.
  2. Older vehicles manufactured in NATO 3-color had a green interior. Newer vehicles manufactured in sand would have a sand interior. If the vehicle was painted sand for deployment, the interior was not painted.
  3. No problem. A3s actually left service before the A1s did.
  4. This is incorrect. The USMC's tank battalions were still equipped with the M60A1 RISE/Passive during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. One battalion received the M1A1 Abrams loaned to them by the US Army (out of European pre-po stocks), the other tank battalion went to war with the M60A1. One platoon of Army M60A3TTS tanks was parcelled out to the USMC's M60A1 battalion to give them thermal night sight capabilities. These Army tanks were integrated into the Marine tank companies within the battalion. The M60A3TTS tank platoon came from the 197th Separate Infantry Brigade's cavalry troop (they had no
  5. RGronovius

    Tank Found

    I believe Dragon used this tank as a basis for their T-34/76 Beutepanzer back in 2005.
  6. RGronovius

    Tank Found

    This post pops up semi-annually, but he's right. It was recovered nearly 9 years ago.
  7. Thank you for the input. I went digging through the stash and ran across the old Testors/Hawk kit. I'll use that one and since they also come in 1/72 scale (hadn't noticed it until you guys pointed it out), I may look to see if I have a small one to use or donate to someone who would like a 1/72 one.
  8. I've got it bookmarked, great site that has many kit instruction scans. I've never ordered from them though.
  9. Not being an aircraft modeler, I'd like some suggestions on which kit would be good to use the decals on. I think the only P-47 kit I may have in the stash is the old Testors or maybe a Monogram kit of a P-47. Accuracy of the kit isn't that big a deal.
  10. I just wished they would get someone more fluent in English to translate the storyline. I remember building one of these kits (Fireball) that I bought from Squadron during one of their closeout flyer sales. If I had know the quality back then, I would have bought one of each type. It was neat to identify regular model parts that were used to make some of the kits. I remember seeing 1/48 scale OH-1 bodies as the armored torso and some of the detail parts were the round machine gun magazines from Tamiya's SAS Jeep. Ma.K Story 2882-2885 An event was happened to change the conventional w
  11. I would not bother trying to correct it. You might damage the model. I'd just chalk it up to experience and live with it.
  12. Looks good, a couple of comments on the build. The first one pertains to the kit itself. It looks like Trumpeter duplicated the error that Tamiya made in their original M113A1 kit. The cargo hatch release chain is located on the wrong end of the hatch (the cable looking strap on the top hatch). It should be on the other end of the hatch (side farthest from the hinge). Second comment is that the vehicle is a Nam era kit with Nam era markings but a modern day CIP panel (combat identification panel, the louvered panel on the right side of the hull) mounted on the hull side. We started using
  13. I remember a person made them and marketed them as Prop Blur. I think he sold them on the old rec.models.scale or maybe HyperScale website. OK, looked up and found an old website url, not sure if it is still good or if he still makes them or even if he ever made them for the scale you need. http://propblur.home.comcast.net/
  14. If this is the Testors plain M109 then it is Italeri kit #235. You can try them as well asking for replacement instructions using their kit number.
  15. RGronovius

    Russian T-34

    DML makes several T-34/85s and they are considered the best ones out there.
  16. Glencoe's kit is actually a repop of the old ITC/Ringo kit. It originally came with colorful parachutes so it could be hung from the ceiling looking like it was being airdropped. They did the same thing with their 1/24 scale T92 US Airborne tank and 1/24 scale M113 kit. Dragon's kit comes in two flavors, one with the recoilless rifle and one without the recoilless rifle. Eduard makes a PE set for it that even adds a wristwatch for the crewmen and dogtags.
  17. As a kid I liked the AMT Star Trek line of kits and as I got older, the MPC Star Wars kits were the coolest. But I think the line of kits I really enjoyed as a kid was the Revell reboxed line they called Robotech. I especially enjoyed the kits that looked like walking tanks (4- and 6-legged). I didn't like the ones that looked like giant robots though.
  18. I've always been a sci-fi fan with Star Trek TOS as my childhood favorite. Captain Scarlet and Land of the Lost were other Saturday morning favorites. Who can forget Marshll, Will & Holly on a routine expedition... Other sci-fi TV shows I liked and never missed: Farscape Babylon 5 Battlestar Galactica (new series) X-Files
  19. My top three are: 1. Star Wars (A New Hope) 2. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 3. 2001: A Space Odessy My guilty pleasures are: 1. Space Balls (first movie I watched after reporting in as a 2nd Lieutenant 21 years ago this month) 2. Barbarella (I saw it as an impressionable young teenager) 3. Disney's The Black Hole (my first date movie)
  20. She was definitely worth watching the show for, the rest of the cast used literally the same dialog from one show to the next. I didn't mind listening to Seven of Nine babble about flux capacitors.
  21. I still think of the double-issue deal as sort of a cop out. It counts as two for the subscribers, but they only produce one magazine, with half the distribution and production costs associated with making two single issues. It is only marginally more expensive to make one big "double issue" issue than is to make one single issue. A double issue that covers some sort of special event (like it has more pages because of added photos from an event) or covers multiple issues of similar subjects (like if it had build reviews of the all various Stryker kits), would be OK. But to produce a doubl
  22. It's a sign of the Apocalypse, two MMIR issues in the same year. Modelers everywhere are sacrificing a Cyber Hobby kit with a #11 blade to prevent the coming end.
  23. Or is there one? I tried looking through the FAQ link and help link in upper right hand corner, but did not see it mentioned. Several other modeling forums have a blog feature available where modelers document their builds with photos and construction notes. While I haven't used the feature myself, I find it interesting to follow on sites like PlanetArmor and Armorama.
  24. Looks good, I wonder when the MGS version and slat armor will come out? Any build problems?
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