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Battle of Britain

Mark Aldrich

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Here's my "entry" for the BoB Group Build. This is the old Hasegawa 1/48 kit. Lots of fun to particpate and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's completed (or incomplete) project.





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OK, who are you, what did you do with Bill, and what happened to that AZ Hurricane? That model looks much too nice to have come from that lump of short-run plastic shown earlier! :smiley2:


GREAT work! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:


A little Glue,Lots of sanding sticks and some magic pixie dust(future) and presto. I never want to hear anybody say, just a simple swipe with a sanding stick.


Blenheim moving along..need more sanding sticks


Thanks again

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Nice looking Stuka Dick! Did you use a masking set for the camo, or lay out the patterns yourself? I have a masking set for that kit, but I've never used it before so I'm wondering how well it will work.


GIL :smiley16:

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Greetings All

Dick Very nice Stuka. I have to say I have never built one( something about that Plane :smiley23:


Here is my last plane for this build. I hope to accomplish by the end of August deadline , but I'm not hopefull :smiley22:





Started components



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The blenheim is a challenge to say the least.

But moving along

Will not make 31 August for the Group Build , but shooting for 15 October for Region 2 Show







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I have finally completed all 5 models for this build :smiley20: :smiley20:

sorry a little late for the August Deadline

The Special Hobby Blenheim was the Last model






Here are the other 4


AZ Model Hurricane



Tamiya Spitfire



Converted Ju 88A-1




ICM ME109E-3



Fun and quite challenging with the limited run Kits




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