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JPG Galaxy Quest Shuttle


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JPG's model is 1:72 scale and comes in 16 well casted white resin parts.


The only real hiccup I had was the landing gear. They are at an angle, but to my eyes the angle was so slight I couldn't really make it out. trying to fix one, I snapped it, but thankfully my little collection of styrene rod had the correct size.

Giving the build a break, I wanted to make a little vignette representing the alien planet or Goblin Valley UT. I had generic "science" looking figures. But when it came time to find them, they were no where to be seen. 😞 So my vignette will just be the ship.  The base was some carved foam, the base was a Michaels 6" round plaque with some torn cork sheet on it, and then some Vallejo Ground paste (or whatever it's called). 😉



 Next up was painting the windows. I saw a tutorial about painting windows once and it involved creating a gradient where the darkest color was up top and it got lighter toward the bottom I airbrushed some MIG NASA blue after a bit of masking, and then added a few drops of the darkest blue I had to the cup, and just shot the upper left corner. It worked out pretty well.

Then came the decals. They looked pretty poor as they weren't solid. But once down on the craft, they looked fine.



And just like that I was finished. Thanks for looking.




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On 11/11/2021 at 1:43 PM, Mark Deliduka said:

Oh man that is fantastic! Loved the movie too. Your suggestion for the windows is brilliant.

Thanks Duke!  The idea actually came from the mini modelers who do the vehicles. Almost 100% of them have solid windows, so there are a few ideas how to create that reflection that it *may* be a transparent window.  The one technique I chose was sorta like how they paint jewels -



I also liked this idea too, with a simple light up top - -


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Yeah, give the windows a shot.  The mini guys do it with a paint brush, but super easy if you have an airbrush.  Just use lo pressure so you can’t easily over do it.  👍🏼

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On 11/15/2021 at 1:48 PM, cheveuxroux said:
By Grabthar's Hammer !

I can almost see those cute little aliens - with the really pointy teeth- now !

Looks great !

I gotta try that window technique for my old 1960s era Aurora and Lindberg kits at home awaiting rebuilding.

What were they chanting? Grok? LOL! 

That is a great build and scene!

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Thanks guys! Haha Without the translater it was Gor-ignak.  hehe Another possible model with some foam and a hot wire cutter. 😉

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Keep ‘em coming! Your work is most entertaining 👍

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