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VASA downloadable painting guide


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Having looked at Artesania Latina's big wood Vasa kit on their website, they have free down loadable instructions and painting guides for their kit.

Their rigging guide within their instructions is comprehensive so anyone building the Airfix of Revell kits could use this and down scale them to suit. 

The biggest bonus is Artesania's painting guide for the carvings and figure work on their kit that could be used as a guide for painting the plastic kits as well. They reference all the paints with their respective RAL numbers. Vasa modellers will find this painting guide probably the best available so far.

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I just saw the actual ship in Oslo where they have built an entire museum dedicated to this one ship. The ship is entirely indoors, but to do so they had to remove the upper masts as they say it would have been in "winter storage".  The ship is large and it's impossible to get it all in one photo and of course, there is very little of the original paint left. 






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I think you must have meant Stockholm in Sweden Ron for the Vasa.

I visited it once whilst on a Baltic Cruise. To see an almost intact 16th century ship preserved is an awesome sight!

The Oseberg Viking Ship is in Oslo I believe.

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