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What's the Height & Length Of This Scale Size ?


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Hi Guys (Newbie Here )

Can you please tell me what's the height & length of scale size 1/444 ?

I.E. Is it smaller then 1/72 scale size ?

Thanks Guys


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The length and height are dependent on the size of the modeling subject.


1/72 is a scale of about 3/16"=1', so 1/144 would be about 3/32"=1'; or half the size of 1/72.


A B-52 in 1/144 would be much larger than a P-51 Mustang, but still smaller scale-wise than a 1/72 model.


GIL :smiley16:

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A 1/144 model will be half the size of a 1/72 in all dimensions.


SO a 1/72 B-25 will have a wing span of 11 1/4 inches

In 1/144 it will be 5.625 inches.


In 1/32 it will be 25.3 inches

In 1/48 it will be16.8 inches.


As Bob pointed out above, the smaller the denominator, the larger the model.


And that's why I build 1/144. Because my B-52 is only 15 inch wing span.



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