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Nationals Themed Group Build 2: The British Invasion

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I realized some time back that I've never built a Gloster Meteor, so when a friend at my IPMS meeting was selling some old Frog kits, I pulled out a Meteor (among others) and bought it. So instead of the Harrier, I decided to get this Meteor started:


There was no cockpit to speak of in this old kit, so I put the pilot in his seat, added the seat to the floorboard and then closed everything up (including some nose weights) inside the fuselage:


I had also glued the wings together and dry-fit the tail planes on. Later I'll paint the pilot (what can be seen) and move on from there.


After this, I have several other British aircraft I can start for this as well.


Thanks all for looking in.

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The Spit is painted, decaled, re-glossed and ready for a wash!


The prop is just stuck in place for the pic! These Aeromaster decals were ok for the most part, though they seemed a bit brittle over compound curves. The roundels on the wing bottoms broke apart over the bumps and scoops under them and had to have the white areas touched up with paint. The fin flashes were particularly troublesome, fracturing on the leading edge of the fin and refusing to fold over even with Solvaset. I finally had to peel them off and resort to another set from the spares box. The rest of the decals seemed to do well, but then they didn't have any tough lumps or curves to deal with. By the way, I opted to use dry transfers for the black wing walk lines to avoid silvering. Most all of the fiddly parts are painted and ready to go, so I hope to finish it by this weekend.


More pics when she's finished in a few days!


GIL :smiley16:

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Great looking Spit, Gil.


John, what you have done looks good also.


Keep up the good work guys. It makes the juices start flowing again to finish up my build.



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Bench time has been precious, fits & starts ...


Here is the SE5, painted, decaled, partly rigged with much of the rest of it stubbed in.




I haven't really had my head in the game on this one and installed "control horns" before decaling so I have to work very carefully to fit them over without big tears (or tears). The rigging is Aeroclub (knitting-in-elastic), colorized a dark grey, perhaps a bit too dark.


Tomorrow I'll probably be able to mount the upper wing and run the rigging lines.


My other airplane, the Sopwith Triplane lags way behind as I have no decals for it. 4 CBK's and all are toast. The Tripe's wing is so odd that none of my generics work - and *nobody* seems to have any aftermarket for the poor ol' Tripe. I'm still looking, might have to buy a new Revell kit just for the decals ....

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Here's the SE5, rigged - also grew some landing gear. I'm not sure if it shows in the pix, but a couple decals have had "accidents" in this process and will need repair ....








So, next up is repair decals, get the motor front, prop blade, wheels, Lewis painted ....

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Well, it has not been a good modeling month .... but I picked away at this thing and it is done.


Little adventure when I munged up the decals and had to touch them up. Also think I could put some brass on the prop hub and a few other things, but it's done ....








For those who can't remember when this all started it's the 1964-ish Revell(GB) 1/72 SE5a.

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I am extremely impressed! I remember building that same kit when I was 7. Of course, I never rigged it and it surely turned out nowhere near as great as that! Way to go and thanks for the memories!

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