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1/48 Classic Airframes F-11C-2 Goshawk

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Got 'er done!















I used ceramic Wonder Wire (6mil) for the rigging, and it is GREAT stuff! The hardest part is getting the length correct. Once that's done, it will flex into position without kinking and stay there nice and straight without needing to be heated to make it taught. It's already a smoky black so there's no need to paint it either! I think I've found the cure for rigging bipes!


Anyway, glad to have this one on the shelf. Now I can finish up the BFC-2. As always, questions, critics, and comments welcome!


Gil :smiley16:

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I'll return the compliment Gil! Nice work! It's nice to see other Golden Age aircraft on the forum besides my P-6E. Happy Modeling,


Mark Fiedler (aAzZ09)

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You biplane guys make it seem so easy. The paint scheme is great. Another keeper.


Nice job.



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