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1/48 Yellow Wings!

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One of my absolute favorites; next to Nifty Fifties!


Very old build of the Wings vacuform Vindicator, long before the AM kit!



This is sneaky...as it IS a 30's USN scheme, but is the colors used for the "Admirals Barge"; dark blue with silver wings. Still...it dates from the same period.....this is my 1rst vac biplane, the old Bald Eagle Grumman Duck; once more, built before the Glencoe kit was rereleased or the CA kit came along.


Classic Castings resin kit of the P-26C Peashooter, built before the Acdemy kit came along.


Sierra Vac SBC-3 Helldiver. Decals are an unreleased set from Fowler.


Sierra vac PT-19 Cornel


Wings vac SOC-3 Seagull


Wings vac BT-1. Should have left the canopies closed on this one....


Hobby Boss F4F-3 Wildcat in pre-war markings


CollectAire resin T-45 Goshawk. Homemade markings for the USN Naval Aviation Centennial; built a couple of years ago, before the Kinetic kit and markings came out! (And you're welcome!)


Academy P-26C Peashooter with Starfighter decals


Yet another Classic Castings resin P-26c, with Starfighter decals


Hasagawa 1/32 Boeing F4B-4 with Lone Star resin interior


Please excuse the other models, but this pic shows my 1/48 PBY-1 Flying Boat in 1937 markings, converted from the Monogram PBY-5 using the resin Belcher Bits set. The rest of those models are 1/32!


That's not absolutely every one of my yellow wing birds, but certainly most of them. Doubt I'll get to building my F11C-2 Goshawks in time to make this theme, since I'm stuck at my dad's house for a while! Hope yall enjoy. Comments and questions are welcome, as always!


GIL :smiley16:

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Here's one and half more. Half 'cause only the bottoms of the Magister's wings are yellow.


The Airfix DeHavilland Tiger Moth.




And the Frog/Air Lines Miles Magister.



Just to keep me honest. see the bottoms are yellow.


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