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  1. We are picky because we have chosen this sort of thing as a point of craftsmanship because real things rarely have glue and big open seams. Others, do not see this lack of craftsmanship as a problem. They have a totally different take on what makes a good model. I do not agree with them, nor do I think we should try to accommodate them. I merely use this one guy as an example of different points of view. He has never won our local monthly contest which is judged primarily following IPMS rules. Accurately modeling globs of silicone glue is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be note on
  2. Really? What makes it an important construction point? I have a local guy that regularly leaves glue globs on his models because he sees it as an unimportant item. He thinks we are silly for being so picky. We are picky because real P-51s rarely have glue globs at the wing root. However, I was recently looking at a real Cobra gunship with enough silicone globs around some panels, it would get bumped for poor craftsmanship. As for style, check back to a previous issue of the Journal on an article on pre-shading, I think. There are photos of two models of the exact same aircraft. One is fai
  3. Well, I suppose that is how you look at them, so I stand by my statement. I would never judge the shade of paint, or put calibers to a model, but that big glob of glue is not accurate (generally) and is poor craftmanship as well. All model building is art. Not all is great art anymore than the doodles on a napkin by Picasso are great art. (regardless of how valuable they are.) At the very least, model building is found art...where you take premade items and turn them into something else. Each model builder brings his own unique take on how something should look. That means the shade of co
  4. Well Ralph, different people compete for different reasons. That applies to anything whether its fishing or football, Monopoly or tiddly winks. That even people who go to subject specific events like AMPS come to the National too says they like competition. I seriously doubt people would bring models hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles, just to only display the models. Yes, I might show up one day to run through the vendors, but I would not pay money to do that. And if I am going somewhere just to hang out for four days, I will go to Las Vegas. It always cost me less than an IPMS convention,
  5. Not much regulation as I envision it. Most of the rules we use now would continue without change. You break the classes down to the basics...Aircraft, Armor, Ships, Automotive, Figures, Scit-fi, Dioramas, Collections, and Misc. Maybe a bit more, if it helps the judging go more smoothly. Each division has the same classes. You enter the division with which you are comfortable. Judges do reserve the right to move people if they see fit, as they do now. In a Single Award System, the medals/trophies are all the same. In this case modified so Novices are all Bronze, Advanced are all Silver and
  6. Having given it some thought, I think we are barking up the wrong tree. If we really want to improve the National contest....any of them for that matter, we should change to a skill level format. Novice, advanced and master divisions. Let the entrant pick the level they are comfortable entering. Go easier on the Novices and very hard on the Masters. Reduce the classes to the basics and using a Single Award System, apportion awards based on the number of entries in each class. Maybe use Bronze, Silver, and Gold to color code the skill levels. Getting newbies to participate is the key
  7. Absolutely! It has always amused me that so many act ashamed that they build models. It is an art and people should respect it as such, but they will not if people keep acting like wall flowers. Toujours de l'audace! Dak, renaissance modeler
  8. Yes, I am a great believer in the get involved concept. I have seen many whine and complain, but never bother to step up and help out. That is part of what I mean by enthusiastic good intentions. Now that I am retired, I think I may run in the next election for president. Dak
  9. Just finished the Hobby Boss kit while waiting for leave for the National. The figure is from Platoon. Dak
  10. Kellerkind Miniaturen RFC pilot playing with his puppy. Dak
  11. A few thoughts related to Ralph's remarks, I agree with most of what he says. I left IPMS in the 80s because the aircraft guys were making rules about armor and dioramas clearly without consulting any of those genres. Even today, I still can't understand why we can't have a diorama group in the triathlon. But I came back because all the other groups were only interested in one subject and I have many interests which I satisfy with IPMS. However, that miss-action by the powers created many of the non-aircraft groups. I've been in four different clubs. The only one that has models s
  12. The objective of going to a GSB system is to get more awards to more people than the current methods allow, correct? Also, the objective of GSB is also to rank models showing the level of skill, correct. We want to do this while at the same time maintain the contest as a competition and not turn everything into participation awards. I like that; here are many categories where excellent models get nothing and other categories where poor work gets rewarded. Simply making more categories or splits, will ultimately reach a point of impracticality, so we do need to start planning for a replacement
  13. While it suggests it might scale up, there is still the question of days running. Is JAXCON a one day affair? How many judging sheets were used? Were the results left out for the public to see? How many awards were given out? How were the categories set up? Were the judges results checked by head judges? My math shows 600 to be closer to 1/4th rather than 1/3rd, based on the 2018 numbers. (2367 divided by 600= 3.945) (This sort of math is what I mean by wishful enthusiasm) The National is not just a contest so there are other factors which effect how people will act. For example, if there is a
  14. I have a lot of experience with groups getting all fired up over concepts, then having the end result not being what anyone expected. My concern has been that the survey asks too simple a question. Some think you are wanting to implement the AMPS system. Others think it will be that used by MMSI. Others like you say it will be something else. If the majority vote for the GSB, then the fun starts as they try to implement it. I just like to know what I buying before we get all wrapped up in the enthusiasm. If you actually knew me, you would know I was advocating GSB in the early eighties. H
  15. AND A FEW MORE THOUGHTS.... Gil, Open judging over the course of the convention could work if, instead of doing it during the day, it was done in the late evening on Wednesday, Thursday, and of course Friday. After the vendors and seminars are over and the contest room is closed to the public. It would allow the judges to clear the latest entries and deal with problems in an organized, but far less stressful environment. I still feel a three person team is the best way to judge. One person, working alone can miss things; team work allows judges to share information which is i
  16. Gil, I don't buy it. I agree GSB works on a small scale, but there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea it can be scaled up. Nothing you have posted has convinced me you have a good grasp on what it would take. You talk about fine tuning the GSB to fit the National, but again you offer not proof or clear description of your fine tuning. When you put together a show with 2000 plus models going on for four days and have praises for it, I'll believe it can be done. No, the event I was referring to was when some awards were not presented because "the models did not measure up
  17. Gil, I believe you grossly underestimate the problems of implementing a scaled up version of GSB vision. The IPMS/USA National is currently 4-5 times the size of the largest GSB contest noted here. First, you assume an adequate number of people will be willing to take time out to act as judges from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. Like many attendees, I see this as a vacation. I want to wander the model room and vendors; attend seminars, or maybe take tours. At Columbus, I spent the entire Wednesday at the Airforce museum and Thursday in seminars. To take several hours judging a
  18. Dakimbrell


    I don't even remember who the manufacture was. She is just something I have been keeping busy with before the National. The shirt say I love BBQ.
  19. All I wanted to do is put things in perspective and discuss things that weren't getting said in all the RAH-RAH remarks. We finally got down to the meat of the issue. Not everything scales up. Dak
  20. Don't do it. See the Judging survey. Dak
  21. Thank you guys for finally adding something solid to the discussion! So, what we now KNOW is that the contests using a GSB system are much smaller than the National is envisioned. SO, using a numeric score, lets say you have 2000 ( in 2018 there were 2367) entries at a National. All these will have to be judged individually and the scores tabulated. ADDITIONALLY, these would have to be double checked to ensure everyone got judged or someone will be screaming they were robbed! This would support the idea that numeric judging is not practical at a National. It looks like it would
  22. Dave, how many entries do you get at the Tricon? I looked at the Chattanooga site and it still deals with numeric scoring. This is the part that I question. It is time consuming, perhaps too time consuming for at National event. Also, I think having the judges work as a team is superior to having them work independently. I noticed years ago that working alone, judges often miss important details where as the feedback from others helps make a better decision. Normally, I no longer participate in contests using the AMPS judging and when I did this year, the judges missed what I saw as the b
  23. Gil, If you know these shows are so successful, then please post their methodology. This is my point, no one actually posts specifics. I have been attending and looking at contests for forty years. I don't like the current IPMS system because it its to ridged and does not award some models that should be awarded and awards others that should not. Still, I do not see the GSB as used by AMPS as a practical system for an IPMS National. The SINGLE AWARD system would be better than either of these systems. Would you keep all the unjudged models off display? What if most people don't want the j
  24. I am sorry Nick, for some reason I thought it was your post on cost, but it was Gil who made the pitch on page one. Still, the cost area was well explained, if optimistic. I thought you would have read this. The Single award system.... Where before a category only had three awards, it could now have more based on the number of entries. For the best of class, the judges will simply nominate what they think is the top model....a blatant judgement call. Most popular, and George Lee award would be awarded as they are now. The award could be customized for each convention as desired,
  25. It is not uncommon for people to develop a belief that a casual idea is what they believe and want without it actually being what they want; the rule of unintended consequences. So, if hypothetically a majority of members wants to go over to a GSB system, based on the current survey, many would be voting based on what they THINK the change would mean rather than telling people what the proposers actually mean. Nonsense. If you are unable to clearly articulate your idea here, how can you expect to do it when the big moment actually comes? This implies there is no real plan, just a bunch
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