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  1. LOL Obviously, you've never competed under such a system. In fact, I have found both the AMPS and MMSI systems to be tougher than the IPMS system. In the IPMS system, all you have to be is better than the other stuff on the table. With the others, you have to be good, period. Yes, I agree the original question was not phrased well. Too many people have a different concept of what the GSB system would entail. Much more detail is needed to get an accurate response. Dak
  2. I am constantly amazed with the number of people who have no confidence in their abilities. I have no problem going head to head with the top builders. Granted, I prefer not to compete against a master scratch builder, but beyond that, I’ll play with the masters. Dak
  3. Lets be clear, the skill level format is totally based on what level the entrant wants to do. The Idea is to allow newbies to enter without having to compete with the super builders. There is no restriction on them from doing so, if they wish. There are many extremely talented first time contest entrants. (Am I the only one who has noticed as the number of entries goes up and the categories stay the same, the percentage of winners goes down? Last year, it was 1 in 4; this year 1in 5.) Dak
  4. The skill level contest design I have proposed addresses almost all of the issues noted above. There would be no need to track winners any more than we do now. Dak
  5. It’s not that the minds are made up, but that many have been dealing with the same questions for forty years. Dak
  6. No. Any changes if any would be years down the road. Currently, the GSB system has not been used on a contest the size of an IPMS National. There are many logistical problems to work out. Dak
  7. Many, like myself, have enough ego that we would enter in the master division for the prestige. I have no doubt there would be some who would try for the easy win. But does it really matter? With no sweeps, they can only win one award in one category and in large categories many could win. Additionally, the judges can retain the ability to move models if they think they would be competitive in advanced or master. At least the novice doesn’t get thrown in the deep end unless they want to go there. At this year’s event there were 3112 entries. Out of that we had to pick les
  8. I favor awards which do not rank the models. Frankly, in most cases, at a National, the winning models are so close it comes down to some extremely picky points to choose one over another. By using a non-ranking award and allotting them based on number of entries, you could give more awards in the heavy categories and avoid the headache of picking the one with the absolute least mistakes. I also favor putting everyone’s name in plain sight. The judges have to look to avoid sweeps, so the anonymous things is pretty much a waste of time. Dak
  9. Trying to keep track of those who win a regionals and using that as a qualification for entering an element at the National level is too complicated and time consuming. Better to simply let the entrants choose the level they are comfortable with: I.E. novice, advanced, and master. Use the same number of awards as now, apportioning them based on the number of entries. Model building is an art and conyest judging is is often based on a very tiny margin. Dak
  10. The last time I checked, the rules say max of two crewmen. One can be on the ground. Other items like a ROV, walls, and trees can throw the model into dioramas. In 2011, there were several entries in the straight categories that had excessive ground work or a large number of figures. The rules were changed to force these out. ( 12 figures riding on a tank is way too many for the closed top AFV category.) The rules are published, and many stay within the parameters set. I do not always agree with them, but they are clear and easy to define, which was the objective. I saw several
  11. I was glad to meet you too, Ralph. I wish we had more time to chat. The tracks may be crappy in the box, but basic alignment is another issue. Most would have done better if they had been glued down to a base. Many were on a base, but perhaps only half of those were attached. Constant handling of a model degrades it. 1/72nd tanks should always be glued down to protect the model. A well made point and one I made to those who feel IPMS is too picky. I was one of the Saturday critique judges. Surprisingly, most of those who came up for critique turned out to be winners. No armor m
  12. If you are putting your airplane on a mirror base, make sure the underside is as flawless as the top. With 3112 entries, the judges will bump stuff that has inconsistent seams and such. Dak
  13. I was one of the judges at Chattanooga. With 3112 entries, it required some serious work to pick the top entries. For dioramas, don't try to put EVERYTHING into a scene. Less is better. Consider how the main subject got into position; tanks, airplanes, and artillery are not weightless and need to be moved. Remember, gravity is a heartless master, this on a ramp or slope roll down hill. Dak
  14. I was judging at the Chattanooga show and the most common flaw we found on 1/72nd scale armor was crooked tracks. This seemed to be a problem on about half of what we looked at. Tow in; tow out and floating roadwheels. Also, if you are super detailing your 1/35th tank, make sure you drill out the machine gun barrels. Dak
  15. I enjoyed the movie, but felt it took a few liberties with history. I did like Oldman's performance.
  16. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde.....I will continue to say the models were badly judged until I win.😀 Noel, I like the Woollett quote and quit worrying about it a long time ago. I just leave a treat for the judge's seeing eye dog and let nature take its course. The really important element is to keep coming back. Many never learn that part. Nick, I steal from the witty and give to the bored. Like I told Jim, I'll be the one wearing the cape and goggles. Dak
  17. No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism. Dak
  18. Keeping busy before the National Convention. Threw the Tamiya kit together OOB as a prize cow. Fits superbly,; no putty. Kit figures could be better done than I did. I didn't like the markings in the kit and used a set out of the MiniArt kit. Dak
  19. Jim, You and Nick are being both obtuse and sanctimonious about this point. Additionally, you have latched on to a small remark and blown it way out of proportion and removed it from context. When you are trying to decide between 1st and 2nd, you must make a call about which flaw is more damning. Is the tiny mold seam more import than the tiny bit of silvered decal. That is a personal choice, even if it is agreed upon by all involved. Personal choice or opinion always comes in at some point. Maybe both are considered equal and in the end, you go with which model you like best. -The one yo
  20. All I am saying is that in the final stages of judging, depending on the entries, it sometimes comes down to personal choice. For example, at a recent National, one category had three poor models. I mean none were well done and none were better than the other two. We explained it to the head judge and he had no problem with our choice. In the end, my team just went with the one we liked the best because the work was so poor, but all three got awards. In 2017, my team was judging some very good models and in the end, the choice between the two very best was based on the fact we all liked one mo
  21. I can say I have NEVER been to a contest were personal appeal has not ultimately come into play. If all the category entries are poor quality....and you know some are nothing but weak entries...or there is a mass of superb work, at some point, the judges will have to base a decision on what they like. A Ferrari over a Mustang, a Sherman over a Tiger tank, a Zero over a Fw-190, etc. There are many cases where there is no other way to decide. Unless you contrive to find some defect everyone can agree on. Contest awards. Last year, you had 2367 entries. This year, they are hoping to do bette
  22. What came first, the chicken or the egg?As I said, it depends on your point of view. Many, like myself, see craftsmanship and accuracy as going somewhat hand in hand. As I said, it is a complicated subject and cannot be clearly wrapped up in a few paragraphs. I remember an aircraft builder who had carefully puttied over some seams on a tank model, which should be there. If someone filled up the intake of his F-16, people would have a fit, if he won with it, regardless of how well done it was. Craftsmanship has is own limitation as a tool for judges and you can err by leaning too much either wa
  23. I don't see all that many reading this, particularly non members. And those who "just want to have fun" get very unhappy went the contest gets messed with badly. Dak
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