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  1. When can we expect the registration to go live for registration? The hot links don't work yet
  2. I've been on evilbay several times in the past month looking for the sheet in 1/48...no joy. I accidently bought the 1/72 sheet. I've copied it and blew it up to 1/48...IF I can't find the 1/48 sheet that's what I hope to use to get a new 1/48 sheet made from.
  3. it appears the web site you referenced is for sale now
  4. HELP NEEDED! Guys, I need someone who has the capability to print white for a decal sheet. I can't finish my YF-23 PAV -1. I have a pattern and colors I just don't have the capability to print white/light gray. Need a response ASAP as this is the only thing holding this model up from going to Richmond at the end of the month.
  5. guys, need assistance/primer on clear resin casting...not a real fan of vacuforming them. I need to replace the clear parts for a 1/48 Ki-45 Nick and any direction on how to cast clear parts...I have a replacement but at the cost of a new kit...I'd hate to junk a new kit for the clear parts. I can use the clear parts as a master for casting purposes.
  6. Back in the mid 80s I completed a family tree of the Eagle Squadrons/4th Fighter Wing which I gave to the wing to present their heritage, last year the historian told me the Spitfire was missing so I replace it. When I delivered the Spit I discovered their Hurricane, F-86, F-4E, and F-15E were also missing. The Hurricane was later discovered in another display (damaged). I have an F-15E (Revell) I can replace that with and another one for my own collection in progress but I'm not sure I'm going to replace the others unless it's on commission this time. The last collection I finished before this that I intend to rebuild in part at sometime is the main 8 jets of my career 4 each F-4E, 3 F-15C and an F-15D.
  7. As promised on facebook I'm publishing shots of my latest collection completed. The family tree history of the 67th Fighter Squadron currently stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan. The 67th was established in 1941 in Louisiana flying P-36 aircraft. According to Wikipedia they moved around the states for a year until they deployed to the south Pacific in 1943 and began flying the P-39/P-400. They moved to the Philippines in late 1944 and began flying the P-38 until the end of the war. The 67th was slated to become the first jet unit in the Pacific flying the P-80. Once the Korean war began the switched to the F-51and flew ground support. The transitioned to the F-86 during the last year of the war and flew it until the mid 50s when they transitioned to the F-100D. The flew that until the early 60s when they transitioned to the F-105D/F which they also flew in Viet Nam. In 1967 they transitioned to the F-4C which they flew until 1979 when they transitioned to the F-15C/D which they still fly today.
  8. For some reason I want to think these things were stored at an airfield near San Fernando at what was probably the old Del Carmin Army air Base. I'd guess they have since been scrapped. I think the two photos from Koku Fan are the only shots of those jets I've seen.
  9. here is the shot from Koku Fan April 1997 I used for reference my F-8 in Philippine markings.
  10. Thanks for the offer, I managed to muddle through...I'll try to post some shots here later, finished the plane several years ago. If I get a chance I hope to meet you guys next summer, wife is going home to Bulacan and I'll follow a little later in the summer.
  11. We can help you by sending you a soft file and you can print in on an Ink Jet Decal Paper. What are "IPMSers" for??:) Tell me what width you need specifically. We actually create the decals ourselves from Ink Jet decal sheets. who were you replying to?
  12. nice build, a couple years back I had a KOKU FAN magazine with some photos of Philippine F-8 in a 2 tone paint. I used the Monovell F-8 to try to replicate it. Had a hard time finding PAF national markings that would work on it though.
  13. Clare, all that date means is that is the date of that primary basic book, My copy's is change 4 dated 31 Jan 1997 of basic revision dated 14 May 1994
  14. I have 1 maybe 2 that fall into this category. I have a 1/12 '72 Mustang that I couldn't finish as I never could get the paint to lay down properly...orange peel problems, and I have a 1/72 Bell XFM-1 Aerocuda vacuform that I haven't gotten past the backing removal stage.
  15. In the last post I said something along the line of needing to build one of the Northampton Class heavy cruisers from WW II...I finished 2 and started a third. This year I set the goal a little higher. For a specific answer for this post I will state I must complete the Monovell 1/48 F-100D in the markings of the 67th FBS. This will be part of the collection I've decided to complete this year of the family tree of the 67th FS. I still need to build the F-100, F-105D and F-4C. I'm also hoping to complete a collection of all the Northampton cruisers this year. Last year I finished a collection of My jets as well (4 F-4E, 3 F-15C and an F-15D)
  16. It would be nice to see some of the works previously submitted, hope it works out
  17. mostly, added gauge faces to the instrument panel and added P/E seat belts, should be in the members gallery next month. Thanks
  18. I just finished Bob Stanford Tuck's Spit Mk Vb a couple days ago. It's Tamiya's kit I'm planning to build a collection of the most famous BoB fighter leaders which will be Tuck's Spit, Galland's 109, Molders 109, and I haven't decided which for Bader but I'm planning either a Spit Mk I or Hurricane MkI.
  19. Lessee, I have 8 F-4 (5 "E", "D" and 2 "G") planning at least 5 more (3 "E", "C" and a "G") all except the "C" and "G" are to be 4th TFW aircraft mostly jets I crewed. I have 5 F-15 (3 "C" and 2 "D") I plan about 4 more 2 "C" a "DJ" and an "E". I only have 2 or 3 P-51 with 2 or 3 more to go. I have 2 F-105 (F and G) with 3 more to go (a B and 2 D). All in 1/48.
  20. whaddya mean the same flight? Unless you're in the squadron no one would know which flight any specific aircraft is assigned to; and I'm not sure maintenance and operations would carry aircraft grouped in the same flight. Ops usually has around 4 flights whereas maintenance usually has only 2. There are no flight specific markings in the Air Force that I'm aware of, only squadron (usually tail color) and possibly squadron badge on the intake side.
  21. No, just a squadron family tree. I've built a family tree of the 4th Fighter Group/Eagle Squadron...Hurricane, Spitfire V, P-47, P-51B/D, P-80, F-86, F-100 C, F-105 B/D, F-4D/E, F-15E. I donated that collection to the 4th FW at Seymour Johnson AFB. I'm currently slowly working on the collection again for myself and working on a family tree for the 67th FS. All in 1/48.
  22. I'm going to be a little general here but I'd like to complete a 1/700 Northampton class heavy cruiser (Northampton, Chester (a conversion), Louisville, Chicago, Houston, or Augusta. Eventually I'll build the entire class as I have enough kits to do them all. I finally finished the collection of jet I crewed during my AF career building the last one earlier this year (she is in the November online gallery). Other collections I have in progress are the family trees of the 4th Fighter Wing/Group (including the Eagle Squadrons) and the 67th Fighter Squadron of the 18th Wing
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