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  1. The bulge at the the back is due to the sword slung there.
  2. This is Miniart's Spartan Hoplite 1/16 scale figure. The kit has a NASTY amount of mold and fit problems. I used Super Sculpey to do the robe, wristband, skirt armor and part of the helmet. The spear was also scratch built. The shield was also revised using internet sources and inspired by the great movie -"300". Had fun with this overall.
  3. Man, you should see how I hunted it down with traps, with my Airsoft M4 rifle and yes, with a bounty! That beast ruined it twice! As if it was hunting it down for it to wreck. I think I won. It never went back. Maybe the poisoned food did it. Freshly cooked "Chicken Adobo" with rat poison. Man, this is what we do to protect our builds!?! 'God save us.
  4. Thanks PetroGator! I actually was building the USS Hornet (same kit). My friend saw it at 80% stage and he said he wanted to trade it with an unbuilt kit. Burned-out with that Hornet kit (all the WEM PE sets on it) I decided to build the Big E since I have the CVN 65 already. It took a looooong while before I got this done actually.
  5. Thanks guys for the likes. This is entirely OOTB except for the landing struts due to weight concerns of mine. I used the Lock and Load reference to detail the cockpit with tubes and wires PLUS the rear view mirrors. The tiger scheme is a combo of paint the decals. This 1/32 Revell kit provides for the decals and they did it fairly well. They're a bit thick though and Solvaset decal solution should do some trick. But I wouldn't advise to use them on the canopy. It would be better to follow reference pics and paint the black tiger stripes there instead. The kit is a great kit! However, the movable pylons and tail stabilizers won't work because the connectors to the wing is way to thin for continuous movement. You might want to glue it in place (which would look awkward when you swing back the wings OR you can make you own connectors using brass links. Either way, the model stays static on my shelf so it works both ways. Hehehe.
  6. Finally done with this baby:
  7. The Camo scheme was around 1943-44. It's the dazzle Measure 33 4AB. Thanks all!
  8. Done! After 2 long years of pause due to a mid-life crisis... :) I built this 1/350 Trumpeter kit so I can display it with my CVN-65. I had fun with this especially te paint job which made me stop for a while due to the "burn-out" effect.And after all that...the cat came in the house and ruined it!!! I had a bounty on that cat - seriously! Then, it had to go back to dry-dock for a re-fix. And now...done and over with.
  9. Yes my master...(with crossed-eyes)
  10. A 1/35 Dragon Panther Ausf D on top of 1/35 Dragon Schwerer Plattformwagen Typ SSy 60ton: This was inspired by the work of Bill Cross. I love building this. It was a brief respite from Aircraft and to get along with my friend, Dennis, continued convincing me to build armor again.
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