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  1. Nice, love that you went with the Korean scheme too!
  2. Welcome. Hope to see you at Nationals this year.
  3. Nice, I like the P-38 Night Fighter version flying wing too. 😉
  4. Interesting way to mark your aggressors.
  5. BkB of the Italeri 1/48 F-16 ADF. I used Experts Choice Decals. The model is shown in a typical NORAD loadout of two AIM-9's and two AIM-7's with a center line tank.
  6. Very nice, love the Korean scheme too!
  7. Put a note on the entry form and tape the pieces to the form.
  8. Welcome, My oldest built Gundam's years ago. My IPMS chapter has a member who builds them. A lot harder then most know. Hope to see you in San Marcos next year.
  9. Why do you find it hard to believe 250 rooms sold out in 10 Min? In Vegas folks complained that the rooms went too fast (I used a timeshare and avoided that issue). My wife has a gazillion points so we booked Omaha early to avoid the rush, good thing as those rooms were gone in under 30 min (IIRC they accidentally opened it up the day before too). We booked down the street to avoid fighting with the internet for this reason. 250 rooms is nothing for a worldwide reservation system that handles thousands of reservations hourly.
  10. The FB discussion turned into a rant session with too many people complaining about BKB with a follow up statement saying they don't enter that category anyway.
  11. For me it's costs, we cancelled all our summer day trips to pay for gas to Omaha. 2-3 day drive to California, is tight for me. Add the cost of everything and I am over budget.
  12. Nevada is doable for me, would have to think hard about going to California again.
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