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  1. Thanks Gary! Now that I look, I don't see the PM option either, maybe hidden in the 'personal' page. Anyway, I'm at: Doc Scarp Box 13196 Akron OH 44334 Assuming it's the large folded version, if you can do the larger 17" page that would be great (one side). Whatever you come up with will be appreciated! Thanks again, Doc
  2. So I've got the AMT 6062 El Camino (english translation "The Camino") and it's missing the instructions. Can anyone make a copy of theirs? '96 edition although I imagine other editions with the camper should work. Please PM with price etc. Thanks! Keeper
  3. If you've already got a major compressor I would have run an air line to your modeling bench. Well, you've got the compressor now so maybe next time... The Keeper
  4. Yeah, that's it! Thanks so much! Awesome display, sorry I missed it. Maybe I better get back to building... The Keeper
  5. I attended the Shenango Valley Contest yesterday. Fun show, here's some pctures: http://s1135.photobucket.com/user/Crapologist500/library/SVASCOM%202016
  6. I'm looking for some shots of Monster Mash, the collection of Aurora monster figures. Did it get missed?
  7. I couldn't find any pics either although the art and decals all seem to be in agreement on a rather standard finish with yellow arched letters. Rocky's site has a lot of historical info: http://hellswenchoperationtidalwave.blogspot.de/#! And this British site confirms the lack of photo: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/7501 Wish I had more for ya but this may be one of those 'oral history only' incidences. hth
  8. OK, found a picture: http://www.ipms-phoenix.org/contest/2004/models/850_b_3rd.jpg Great display, they covered the bue, yellow PH, Purple Rufe and others. Sadly, no further discussion on the 'net. Some local modelers are looking to revive the purple floatplane scheme but WHERE did this originate? TIA Keeper
  9. Anybody remember the Japanese Blue Aircraft display? I seem to remember it was hosted by J-Aircraft.com at the Nationals in AZ 2004. Can't seem to find one picture TIA
  10. Hakenkruetz included in this artwork: http://www.markstyling.com/F6F_3_5_JPEGs/F6F.cu,13.jpg Haven't run into any decals in 1/72 yet. hth
  11. When you get cobwebs like that (typical in a lacquer application) it's usually from not using enough thinner. Hence your 'pebbly' finish. Go at least 50/50 and move in a little closer. Make sure it's wet. hth
  12. Minor detail; Otaki came out with this line of 1/48 fighters in (like you said) 1972, went out of biz around eighty-nine when Arii bought the company assets. Most modelers viewed these kits as a blessing even though some of the detail was fiction. As you've demonstrated, with skill and some upgrades they turn out quite nice. They make great palettes for the leftover decals from newer releases. Really love your paint job and detail work! Cheers K
  13. Ah, there's no ammonia in Microsol; it's some obscure alchohol which I can't remember the name of at the moment but it probably would react with Future. A follow up top coat with Future usually eradicates the stain. Here's the MSDS for Microsol: http://www.decalconnection.com/msds_microsol.pdf No ammonia Microset is merely acetic acid. Most other manufacturers utilize these formulae. If you're having trouble with decals shattering when they hit the water then they have been exposed to humidity and heat and the ink is fractured. You can coat it with Microscale Decal Film which usually saves most. HTH
  14. TheKeeper

    The Wolfchen

    Nicely done Joe! Incredible the amount of use this particular A/C experienced. I bought this kit last year and hope to get to it soon but I think I'm going to find a scheme using lozenge decals. Were there any points to watch out for during assembly? Tanks,
  15. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/edur0006.htm Okay, that's 1/48 and I don't see any German kill marks on '5' so perhaps he never included them. hth
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