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  1. How on earth did I miss this thing? Looks great, I haven't heard of the game though. Going to have to look into it.
  2. I picked up another Revell Monogram ICBM display set, several gundam models, and some styrene for a large scratchbuild eventually. I wanted a 1/12 F16 cockpit model but it's not in the budget, wish i still had the old one from when i was a kid.
  3. I wish we had one of these nearby. It's mail order or the craft shop for paint as the nearest hobby lobby is an hour one way. Luckily years ago i bought a lot of action figure customizing supplies on a site for custom figures and got a ton of paints from Citadel and Game Workshops. I need to get some vallejo sealent as my friend in canada sent me some.
  4. My attention span and bad habit of rushing a project. The lack of scifi entries at the local contest/swap meet, it's been a while but last time it was nothing but military and a few cars covered in after market parts that won.
  5. I agree. After 200 years engines would have been torn down for fuel and interiors for who knows what. It'd be that way in the real world too i'd assume. If it burns or keeps you warm it'd be salvaged. This is good as I am really horrible at putting engines inside these things as they never fit right lol.
  6. I'm doing several builds based on wrecked cars and trucks from the Fallout post apocalyptic game series. You never see the engines of these things in game as most of them have been stripped for parts over the 200 years after the bombs hit. My question is should i go out of my way to detail the few that still have the engines but you don't see them or just do enough so that it looks right? A few of them are nuclear powered like the old Ford Nucleon was going to be so for those i'm making a reactor to show off. I figured even if i put an engine in it after 200 years it'd be picked over and the smaller parts having rusted away. Opinions?
  7. My friend didnt' believe me how massive the B29 kits are at 1/48 until i put my xbox controller next to it in a photo. I have the Revell but they look pretty much the same and I'm betting have the same issues. I'm glad i'm holding off on putting it together as i want to keep an eye on this thread.
  8. A 71 monte carlo so i wouldn't have to modify i 70 monte kit, the Ford Nucleon with detailed engine.
  9. I noticed this too when messing around with my giant Revell one. I have a pair of 1:144 from Minicraft and i'm assuming they have this issue too but it's so tiny i doubt anyone will notice. It's a nice little kit other than they give you the cockpit floor but no seats to go in it.
  10. I'll look into it, if nothing else i'll go with the green we repainted it. None of the factory colors were all that great but the green was rough and the matching green interior was way out there lol.
  11. I found a couple that i bought cheap just to have in the parts box and even lucked out to get a new in the box 70 carlo i can mod into a 71. I found the original paint chart for the 71 too, just have to match that god aweful green color to a model paint lol.
  12. I'm going to do 2 versions of this crashed plane: the real crash which i have a pic of here and the one from the Fallout New Vegas game, in the Fallout Universe the plane didn't have nearly as rough a time. The colors are different as they didnt' go photo realistic in the game yet they did include a full cockpit you can see if you look in the windows. Anyhow I was wondering how best to replicate the colors of a sunken plane, the real one has layers of silt on it and is a tan color but i wasn't sure if going with silver for the original skin then tan would be best or not. I'm going to paint both planes the same as the one in the game looks more like camo than dirty. Anyhow ideas are appreciated.
  13. if I had the talent at wood working i'd make a wooden one to mold and do either resin or find someone to vacuform it as a kit with props or jet engines.
  14. And it would just be betting to be turned into various modified versions like a VTOL and such.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Custer_CCW-5 I'd seriously buy 2 of these as there are jet versions based on the design in a game i love and am making other models out of. I'd also love some model kits of the mechas from the Metal Gear games. You'd think they'd be around in Japan but one of them is coming out in Feb after 15 years of people waiting. They have a few action figure version but they're like 150.00 each.
  16. I just got this thing in the mail and holy crap it's massive lol. I always laughed at the size of the 1:48 B52 the hobby shop could never sell over the years but even this is bigger than i had imagined. Which is fine by me as i hate trying to paint tiny details. It'll be a bit before i get to this project as i want some more after market parts that require saving up and then i'll come up with a plan of action.
  17. I wanted to get FSM again but they want the same price for their online edition as the print edition which is like 40.00 for 10 issues. A bit steep for me, but i will be getting their dvd of 25 years of issues as soon as i can.
  18. I feel dumb that I didn't realize i could just use another engine lol. I'll see if i can get a cheap kit locally this month or next. I actually need a 50s pickup truck so maybe i'll grab one and use the engine out of it since i won't need the hood open on it. I appreciate the help.
  19. I got the Revell 1:25 1977 monte carlo to build and paint up like the one i had until a few years ago, it's a snap tight kit so it needs an engine but I'm not sure where to find a 1:25 305 engine. I had no luck on ebay except one that was 25.00. I wish i'd gone to the local model show as they used to have guys with boxes of engines for sale cheap. Hopefully i can come up with hinges to open the hood with too. Any help is appreciated.
  20. Back when I was really into modeling my parents got me one of the craftsmen versions and it was identical to a dremel, no doubt made by Dremel, and the only reason we don't use it anymore as the brushes for the motor aren't made any longer. We have several dremels but we're less than happy with the cordless ones as the quality has gotten worse. I have a cheap walmart plug in tool that i used for small stuff and a normal dremel for harder stuff. The little one is good for light sanding and such.
  21. I actually had no luck painting it metallic either, for some reason the paint would rub off even after a clear coat. That's when it went into the "get around to it later" pile lol.
  22. Looks really good. I wish all companies put out a 2 piece motor like this for their kits.
  23. I agree with a model so small it would be easy to overwhelm it and have it lost.
  24. Very nice. I have a couple of smaller scale subs and i'm glad to see that you can get such good detail out of them even though they are small.
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