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  1. It's always my favorite issue of the year, but this year one of my models will be in it!!! YAY!!!
  2. It was Sept 15 in Covington Louisiana, held by NorthShore Modelers
  3. I think it was the one with Fiat on the side. A guy from Venezuala (sp?)
  4. Still putting the finishing touches on one kit. Then will have to pack everything up today and headed out for the 12 hour drive at 3:30am. Can't wait! First Nats is going to be Epic!! Ray
  5. This thread went kinda dry, so I will post something to attempt to get it rolling again. It's still a little less than an hour away until it's Saturday on my end but what the heck. I wish I could post more but I really haven't been working on much lately. I finished up the Alpha Centauri spaceship a few days ago. Also worked on the base for a Mr. Hyde kit that I have. Hope you enjoy and remember post whatever your working on every Saturday!!
  6. I will not be there but the closer it gets the more excited I get because if all the stars align correctly 2012 will be my first nationals.
  7. I don't build aircraft, but I think they look really cool.
  8. Thanks for the comments fellas!! I threw him on a simple little base today because he's top heavy and kept falling over. Painted a spray paint cap, drilled a hole in it, attached him to it. Instant, cheap, simple base. Thanks again for the comments, Ray
  9. Finished this little guy up on Sunday and couldn't wait till Saturday to post so here goes. The bust is called Jack the Ripped and he's only around 2 inches tall. My wife also joined in the modeling / painting fun by paiting the Minnie Mouse and my 5 year old daughter painted her Snow White. It had to have green skin because that is the color of zombie skin is what she told me. So Father's day was spent with my favorite people doing my favorite thing. By the way my wife and I have been together for 11 years, married for 7 and this is the very first time she has ever participated in anything model related. Was a very fun day. Ray
  10. Looks awesome, I have one in my to do stash as well. All that glassware puts me off but built up he looks great.
  11. Big Frank is puttied and primed. Still have a little sanding before I can sling some paint but he's coming along. Ray
  12. Looking great so far. Keep us updated with anymore progress
  13. Thanks for the comments fellas, she got a kick out of seeing her model on the board.
  14. It's been a while since anyone has added to this thread and I hate to see it die. My birthday was Friday and my kids got me this and said I had to stop all other projects and build the one they bought me. So I have most of the body sanded and I'm waiting for the basecoat to dry on the base to get started on some wood effects. These pics just mocked up, have to tweak his arms so the fingers fit flush to the floor. Other than that real sweet kit.
  15. Cool technique, thanks for sharing. Any tips on all the glassware I would love to see as well. Ray
  16. Cool, let's get a link to that tutorial.
  17. Looking great so far. I have this one in my to do stash as well. It's a great kit. Anxiously awaiting more updates.
  18. Good post Dick. I would possibly suggest for the New Year changing the name to something more generic than Saturday since some of us are able to build on other days as well. I meant for Saturdays to be the posting day for anything you were working on. I'm usually not at the bench on Saturdays either.
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