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  1. P.S.: There is a little more information here and a nice model here.
  2. These are the Belgian birds before take over by the British. They were repainted in RAF colours...Dark Earth/Dark Green over Sky when they arrived in England. The FAA birds served with 805 Squadron in the Crete and Egypt. Jim
  3. Ken, They are Belgian. Belgium fell before they could be delivered, so they were instead shipped off to England and used by the RAF and the FAA. Jim
  4. Being both a Canadian and an aircraft builder, I have little idea about cars and trucks. However, I'd like to recreate part of this picture and find myself in need of a 1/72 truck. Doing a little Google work, I see PST has a 1943 Ford that looks similar, but it appears to be out of production. (Heck I'm not even sure if that is a Ford in the picture.) Any suggestions? Thanks, Jim
  5. Nice Spitfire James. Good to see you back building. Jim
  6. Oh great Paul...scare off our current members... :) Ron - I look forward to seeing the pics. If you want send them to me at the CBK e-mail and I'll get them up on the CBK site with the next update. Pics only are fine, but pics with words are the best. CBKSig@gmail.com Jim
  7. jbates

    Spitfire Mk.Vb

    Kit, On After the Battle 1 all options are Spitfire Vbs but for VZ-E which is a Spitfire II and no good for your kit. On After the Battle 2 KH-P and QJ-S are Spitfire Vbs while DV-V and NN-D are Vcs and no good for your kit. Hope this helps, Jim
  8. jbates

    Spitfire Mk.Vb

    Spitfire V is a family. The members of the family are as follows: Spitfire Va (A Wing) This has the eight gun wing (four .303s per side) like the Spitfire Mk. I. No protruding cannons. Spitfire Vb (B Wing) This is the kit option provided in the Tamiya and Hasegawa kits. 2 cannons and 4 .303s (2 guns and 1 cannons per side.) Spitfire Vc (C Wing) Similar to the Spitfire IX this wing had provisions for 4 cannons per wing, though generally they carried 2 cannons and two little stubs. Airfix, Eduard, Classic Airframes, and Special Hobby have Spitfire Vcs. I don't know what decals
  9. The Good: It is a Hornet. The Bad: It is Devil Scale. The Ugly: It cannot be built in Canadian markings. Hope this helps, :) Jim
  10. Nice unique choice of markings, looks wonderful. I have some Tamiya Titanium Silver squirreled away, so I might just try it on the Matchbox Canberra I'm working on. Jim
  11. Steve finished something! Good job and wonderful choice of subject. Jim
  12. Paul, Stop tying to shift the Balance of Power with your Secret Messages. Soon you will have to Face the Music. Jim
  13. I have to admit that I've always been leery of using ELO on a model, for fear it will "Turn to Stone." :) Jim
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