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  1. 1) *Runs through a transmat beam to get my DOCTOR WHO TECH MANUAL*...*runs back* Okay, TARDIS: The Police Box is 2.74 meters tall. So... K9: A facimilie in 1/25th scale would be almost exactly 11 centimeters tall, Master. Good boy. *Hands K9 a treat* I daresay there are scans of the Technical Manual, including the blueprints of the Police Box, the Control Consule, and the paper model TARDIS about the Internet. Or just fan-made drawings or graphics that you can use. 2) Bessie: she was built specifically for the show. But she was your basic Phaeton body on your basic Ford chassis (albeit a Ford PREFECT chassis ;) ) so in the scale you are talking about (1/76), any Phaeton will do as her, with some modicum of modification.
  2. I'm going to build mine someday soon. Got Quickboost engines and cowlings (they come as a set) and will likely arrange for alternative ordnance under the wings and belly.
  3. BTW, I just bought a set of Quickboost resin engines and cowls through my Friendly Local HobbyTown USA. Fantastic parts and they'll save you the work of modifying the Monogram parts. They fit really nice too.
  4. Woe betide the Zeon who finds himself facing this suit!
  5. That's right. The turret was relocated starting with the H model; the G still had an aft-mounted upper turret. I got my Snap-Tite Mitchell when they first appeared in the late 1970s. It's since suffered disassembly over the decades, but I plan on rebuilding it using some parts from Italeri's "Gun Ship" model, which has both cannon and glass noses to choose from. I'll likely also get Quickboost engines and cowls.
  6. I have a Facebook buddy who is a figure sculptor. He did a Neytiri figure that may be offered as a garage kit in the somewhat near future. Lemme see if I can grab a piccy or two...
  7. What I have is a 1/28th Skoda hatchback car from the 1980s (SMER) and I want to use it in a vignette. I want modern-dress civilian characters. I know about Jimmy Flintstone and Chimneyville stuff, but I'm not sure I really want to use those...they seem more Fifties/Sixties to me, those I've seen. Any ideas?
  8. The Detail & Scale book has quite a bit about the kit... *Goes look it up* Now I'm a little confused. I thought the Revell and Hobbycraft versions were both based on Korean molds... Maybe the Academy version improves on the previous issues.
  9. I'm reviving this topic because I'll be reviewing some Pavlamodels detail parts if all goes well (my Spitfire and Grumman Tigercat will be the intended recipients), and may acquire them for my Corsairs. Still, my main need (no pun intended) are landing gear struts and related hardware. Any sources for those?
  10. Hey. I bought a HC 1/72 F-86F Saber from an IPMS buddy and found that the vertical tailplanes had warped. So with little to lose, I decided to see if I could undo the warpage. I have a vinyl/leather repair kit that includes a little handheld iron for heating the repair putty. So what I did was lay a sheet of cardboard on my work table, then the plastic part with the warp, then another sheet of cardboard over the part. With the iron heated up, I pressed it down on the cardboard over the warp, with careful pressure and not holding it in one place longer than a second. I got most of the fold undone, and will undo the rest when I get closer to building time.
  11. I contacted Revell about the possibility of their having a 25th Anniversary issue of Robotech in 2010/'11, and I was told back that their Product Development Department is working on the idea now.
  12. Collect them all: The Dino with Dino and Sammy; the Stocker with Terry and Mel; the Lambo with the bodysuit chicks; Jamie's Rolls; the not-quite-007 Aston-Martin with Roger; the Mitsubishi with Sonny; the motorcycle wheelie-across-America... :)
  13. You probably can get away with it. I doubt the 1/100 versions would have opening canopies and cockpit detail like on the bigger 1/72nd scale ones. In fact, I remember an old FASA piece of cover art that had a Mechwarrior femme posed atop her Marauder and she looked much smaller than the Zentraedi pilot of a Glaug would have been! Yes and no. The Macross/Robotech models continue to be popular and draw high prices on eBay when they appear. The two robots with the Robotech Factory are a Tomahawk (Battletech Identity: Warhammer) and an Armored Battloid (Battletech Identity: Crusader) and the whole set hasn't been reissued since the Eighties. [The main drawback with the Factory in 1/100 is that few builders have the space to put it once it's completed!] The Changers models were reissued in the Nineties by ARII, but the Revell issues continue to be in demand with collectors. The Diranoth is from the series Acrobanch, and I think there was a reissue of that, but that series isn't at all well-known here in America. The Recovery Units were from the Dougram series and so would go very well with Battletech. You can find more information here: http://www.draddog.com/robotech/ Anyway, Revell sold their trademark to Harmony Gold (the producers of the Robotech TV show) around 1992 and there have been no imported model kits to bear the Robotech label since. Bandai and Hasegawa make most of the Macross models now--including some that Revell sold back when--but Harmony Gold hasn't exploited this fact. *shrug*
  14. A long time ago there were two magazines, Protoculture Addicts and Mecha-Press, which I used to write articles for. I did a review on Korean knock-off versions of Japanese kits. Back in the early Nineties these were easier to get than the originals. Of course, they were also cruder and tougher to build. Hope this chart is readable to you. It's cropped from a bigger one that goes to thousands of tons. (Yes, there ARE Japanese fantasy robots that get that big!) GLOSSARY * GARLAND: The transforming motorcycle from Megazone 2-3/Robotech The Movie * SCOPEDOG: The central robot from the Armored Trooper VOTOMS series * AESTIVALIS: The central robot from Martian Successor Nadesico * ATAC: The transforming hovertank from Superdimensional Cavalry Southern Cross/Robotech Masters * CALIBUR: The transforming Jeep/Hummer from Armored Soldier Dorvack * ESCAFLOWNE: The central robot from Vision of Escaflowne * DUNBINE: The central robot from Aura Battler Dunbine * PATLABOR: The Alphonse and Type-Zero from Mobile Police Patlabor * DESTROIDS: The four Destroids (Tomahawk, Spartan, Defender and Phalanx) from Superdimensional Fortress Macross/Robotech The Macross Saga * RX-7: The student/soldier robot from Aim For the Top! Gunbuster * ALPHA: The Alpha Fighter from Genesis Climber Mospeada/Robotech The New Generation * ORGUSS: The central robot from Superdimensional Century Orguss/Robotech Changers * LZ-00: The Layzner robot from SPT Layzner * DOUGRAM: The central robot from Fangs of the Sun: Dougram/Robotech Defenders * VF: Variable Fighter/Valkyrie, as seen in Macross, Macross II, Macross 7, Macross Plus, and so on * GF13-017NJ: The Shining Gundam from Mobile Fighter G-Gundam * XXXG-01W: The Wing Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing * VIFAM: The central robot from Round Vernian Vifam * REGULT: The Zentraedi soldier pod from Macross * N'GER: The Zentraedi male power armor from Macross * Q'RAU: The Zentraedi/Meltlandi female power armor from Macross * GLAUG: The Zentraedi officer's pod from Macross * RX-78, NT1, GP01FB, GP02A: Versions of the Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam/0080/0083 * L-GAIM: The central robot from Heavy Metal L-Gaim * ARKADYNE: The central robot from the Tim Eldred comic book Cybersuit Arkadyne * DRAGONAR: The central robot from Metal Armor Dragonar * MSZ-006, MSZ-010, RX-93, F91: The Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, Nu Gundam and Gundam Formula 91 from the shows Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, Gundam: Char's Counterattack and Gundam F91 respectively
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