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  1. Check out the PDFs listed at the bottom of https://news.ipmsusa3.org/news/ipmsusa-constitution-and-laws-proposed-2023-amendments-and-revisions-and-ipms-executive-board Eric
  2. Mostly b/c I misunderstood what Jeff was asking and that we need the 2023 spaces too. I will create a 2024 section... E
  3. Can you back the windows with tape, then fill the opening? You might need to sand both sides but... E
  4. I'm seeing people use UV Resin for clear windows... See He also shows it on TikTok...
  5. One source http://www.nexus-models.com/red-5-build.html but I thought they were Reefer White then massively weathered.... might have has an initial coat of black... Eric
  6. I don't understand how this has anything to do with IPMS? Its not an IPMS email address... Standard phishing email... I get a handful per day... E
  7. I use them fairly often. I do use primer and also decant the paint. It goes on much shinier when I use the can, but I probably don't have the airbrush pressure right. Tamiya is also releasing the lacquer paint in bottle form so no decanting needed. Not sure if it needs thinning though as I've not used it yet. It may have leveler in it, but I have noticed silvering even on pretty smooth paint. I've been putting down a layer of clear and polishing it a little. Eric
  8. I have a fixed 50mm, f/1.2 lens for my Canon cause it's really fast unlike the basic lens it came with which I think is a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 . E
  9. Yes, the cameras in most phones are very advanced, but when it comes to optics having a big lens that can be a light bucket really helps... especially in places that are not well lit. As to the differences with phone and SLRs I can show you two examples... This is pretty standard table show from an iPhone (an iPhone 4!) >> This is from a Canon DSLR set with a very narrow depth of field >> The narrow depth shows off the model nicely and blurs out the background so it's not so distracting. While it might be doable with the iPhone you would need an app that allow you to open the camera aperture and adjust the 'shutter' speed.
  10. Well, there are. a couple things about DSLRs and mirrorless cameras - first is the size of the lenses. We're never really going to see lens diameters in phones anywhere near the sizes of regular cameras. This can make a huge difference. Also, lens quality in cameras will always be better than phones. Second item is the level of control on regular cameras. They are far more flexible setting wise than phones unless you're using something other than the default camera app. For example, the iPhone camera app, while it's gotten more advanced over the years, does not expose all the settings available by the camera - you need something like Halide to do that. The default apps are always designed with the average person who is taking the average picture in mind... One advantage (usually) of phone cameras is the computational photography software they use to 'improve' pictures. In many cases that's a good thing, but not always. Eric
  11. I use both but for different purposes... Phones are good for general, fast, overall space images... think taking pics of entire tables. The DSLR I use to get photos of individual models when I need to set the depth of field to only have that model in focus. The one change I may make in the future is that my iPhone has a pretty nice macro mode that doesn't require me to make a lens change....
  12. Also, I asked on my Forums about race cars that had decals/markings that are in some way incorrect, crooked, etc.>> https://forum.f1m.com/viewtopic.php?p=355696#p355696 This might be one of those things that a judge could see as a mistake and if they are not checking the entry sheet.... Eric
  13. It has worked for me in the past... note the caveats on: https://www.round2corp.com/request-a-part/
  14. I put together this >> https://ipmsusa.org/about/national-contest-committee/ipmsusa-national-contest-results E
  15. A nice article about Tameo Kits >> https://www.hagerty.com/media/automobilia/model-citizen-for-40-years-luca-tameo-has-realized-f1-in-miniature/
  16. There was an issue with the Forum Calendar system so I had to reset it. Any event that did not come from the Calendar is no longer listed in the calendar. Eric
  17. Here you go >> https://news.ipmsusa3.org/news/2022-national-contest-preliminary-list-winners
  18. IPMS/USA Annual Awards – 2022 IPMS/USA Chapter of the Year – 2022 IPMS Fort Crook Omaha, NE IPMS/USA Newsletter of the Year – 2022 “Just Glue It” Editor – David Henk IPMS Model Creations Unlimited Jacksonville, FL IPMS/USA Website of the Year – 2022 IPMS East Carolina Plastic Modelers New Bern, NC Webmaster – Alan Welch IPMS/USA Member of the Year -2022 Art Loder IPMS Northeast New York Albany, NY IPMS/USA Regional Coordinator of the Year – 2022 Mike Mackowski Region 10 – Rocky Mountain
  19. I will post the results on the website... assuming someone sends them to me. E
  20. Like this >> https://ipmsusa.org/sites/default/files/2022_ipms-usa_national_contest_categories-for_publication.pdf
  21. Given the laws enacted by Russia, social media platforms had no real choice but to cut access as they'd be liable for any posts that were deemed 'fake news' by the government. Which is pretty much everything that's actually happening in Ukraine, as opposed to what Russia says is happening. E
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