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Recently completed Nichimo 1/48 Ki-51 Sonia


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Here are three photos of my recent 1/48 Ki-51 Sonia from Nichimo. It's pretty much built strait from the box except for some steel tube for the guns and some cockpit bits and piences. I imagine the Blue is a bit too dark, but the 'idea' of a blue Japanese airplane seems to be confirmed by a thread at http://j-aircraft.com/faq/ki51.htm. According to the late Hasegawa Ichiro there are testimonies regarding the quality of the paint - that the blue paint ws of good quality and did not flake off easily. Also a in new Model Art book 'IJAAF Bombers', Shigeru Nohara claims that he has seen a color photo taken after the war (which cannot be published at this time) that shows a Ki-49 painted blue. If you have acess to older Koku-Fans, check the April 1988 issue pages 46-47. There is an attractive illustration of a Ki-21 Sally in dark blue by (Hasegawa Ichiro (a well known and respected modeler since before the Pacific War. Bunrin-do "Famous Airplanes of the World' series #38 on the Mitsubishi Ki-49 Dinah, there are color illustrations (by Shigeru Nohara?) of tail markings for many Dinah's, one of which is shown with upper surfaes and light grey undersurfaces. Finally in "Japanese Army Airforce Camouflage and Markings World War II' by Donald W. Thorpe there are numerous color illustrations of tail codes on blue aircraft including: Ki-100, Peggy, Sonia, Nick, Dinah, and Oscars.


These three pictures were taken at ModelZona 2010 sponsered by IMPS Phoenix Craig Hewitt chapter at Falcon Field in Meas AZ in November. I'll take some more photos at home and post them as well.


Sorry for for getting carried away with explanations - hope you enjoy the pictures. Comments are, of course, always welcome.





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Looks absolutley great to me Kevin! That Sonia kit was a real jewel for a 70's molding (as were the Nichimo Ki-43-1 and their Ki-45 Nick). Looks like you did it up right! Thanks for sharing!


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Very well done! I find Japanese color schemes extremely interesting and the discussion over what is correct/incorrect to be interesting as well. Isn't it amazing that this kind of information, which still isn't too "ancient" in history seems to be so unclear?


Very good job on the model!

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