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The Duke's Latest Armor

Mark Deliduka

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Okay, this is all my latest armor finished up as of two weeks ago. This brings my final count of finished armor up to:


553 Finished Armor Models!


As always, these are all in 1/72 scale. Here they are in no particular order:


Trumpeter's LAV AT vehicle:






Trumpeter's LAV Command Car:






Trumpeter's LAV Recovery vehicle:






Next are two of my newest German vehicles. This first one is Dragon's SdKfz 251/2 Ausf C with a Pak 36 gun:






And this one is RevellAG German Dingo ATF vehicle:






Next are all my latest Russian vehicles. I'll start with this BRDM I from an unknown Eastern European company:






...followed by the ACE SA-9 Gaskin SAM vehicle:






And finally, this monster Russian Multifunctional Radar Truck for the SA-10 Grumble SAM system:







There they are, my latest armor. I also finished up two aircraft, so feel free to check them out in the Aircraft Forums as well.


Meanwhile, thanks all for looking and comments are welcome.

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Thanks Mark. I have to reveal my ignorance here. Which one is the TUA? I know all of them by different names.


I have four more armor models in progress; hope to have more pics to post soon. Stay tuned.

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Mark, thanks. I must not be a good treadhead since I didn't know that. I just learned something today.


Thanks Von. Those are the kit's tires. In fact, they gave me both rubber tires and plastic tires that needed to be cemented together in this kit. I opted for the rubber tires. On my missile truck, I only got the plastic tires.

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The TUA only really seems to be applied to wheeled vehicles (LAVs). I am pretty sure most people refer to the M-901 as the Hammerhead.



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Cool. Thanks Mark. I figured it only applied to LAV's and possibly HUMVEEs too,. I hadn't even considered the Hammerhead. I have a couple of those too.


Thanks again for the reply. Now to try and get more done before the end of the year.

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Hey Duke,


Awesome job they all look good. What paint did you use on the Russian Armor?




Thanks Pappy for the compliment and the term. Great info!


I used Testor's Model Master Dark Green and then dry-brushed an olive drab over it in an attempt to give it a two-tone/faded look. A lighter drybrush using Panzer Dunklegelb brought out more highlights.



Now to get a few more models finished.

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