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Triple Bf-109 Build....Finished!


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I built these 3 Bf-109s for our local group build. Decalling troubles aside (sheets that wouldn't release them, another sheet that needed a gloss coat to prevent them from shredding, etc), if nothing else, they helped me refine my painting and forced my to adapt and overcome.

Note that NONE of these are accurate in schemes, markings, and probably not even in some minor details. That's ok for me as they were destined for my shelf from the start. As for those of you who take Luftwaffe modeling seriously, I can only offer my apologies! I built them merely to participate in the group build and reduce the stash! 🙂

These are all 1/48. The Bf-109B-2 is the Gull Models vacuform (why? Because I had it in the stash!). The Bf-109G-6 is the Hasagawa kit. And, the Bf-109G-10 is the Revell offering. The Hasagawa and Revell kits have resin interiors simply because they were in their boxes. I also dropped the slats on the Revell kit since I had those in resin too. The detailing for the Gull Models vac came from leftover Bf-109Es that died in a shelving accident a few years ago.

If you're interested in the details of the builds and the decalling woes, they can be found up in the Build topic area. 













Comments, critiques, and questions welcome, as always!


Gil :cool:

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I have the same attitude you do about 109's, Gil.  Yours look great to me.  I'm glad the experten can enjoy the debate, but to me it is just an airplane like the Zero that was forced to soldier on way past its prime.

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Great looking trio of 109s! They look great, and you completed all three so rapidly! Very impressive on all accounts.

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