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Entwicklungfahrzueg E-10 *WIP


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Building this basically out of the box. Replacing the fire exinguisher and adding a jack block and antenna mount from Tamiya. I still need to do some detail painting as well as add the secondary camo color and the link-link tracks.





The Balkenkruez and numbers are from Archer Fine Transfers.



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i am confused.

is this in the E- series which were not actually produced in WWII or the Hetzer which was produced based on the 38T light tanks?


the gun looks like the 75mm L39 but the body does not look like 38T.....


by the way, i like this small car and i had two dragon's hetzers at home.....:)

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The E-10 series of Jagdpanzers were semi-based on the Pz38 chassis. The 38(t) chassis was enlarged and redesigned. This new design was to be called PzKpfw 38 (d), d standing for Deutschland as opposed to (t) for Tschechoslowakei. The designs based on this new chassis would all be in the 10 to 25 ton weight class.


The name "Hetzer" was at the time not commonly used for this vehicle. It was the designation for a related prototype, the E-10. The Å koda factory for a very short period confused the two names in its documentation and the very first unit equipped with the vehicle thus for a few weeks applied the incorrect name until matters were cleared. However, there exists a memorandum from Heinz Guderian to Hitler incorrectly claiming that an unofficial name, Hetzer, had spontaneously been coined by the troops. Post-war historians basing themselves on this statement made the name popular in their works. It was never the official name like the other animal names were.(source: Wikipedia)


I believe the E-10 was to be armed with the same 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48) as the JgPz38(t) and would have used the same 75 x 495R ammunition as the 7,5cm KwK 40 and 7,5 cm StuK 40 guns.

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thank you for you explanation. it is totally new for me.

i just know E-25, 75, 100. :) they are all huge and if i am not wrong, E 25 looks like E 10 and use 75cm L70 gun which is the same as panzer V.



by the way, thank you for telling the album, it is very good. :)



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Your welcome, always happy to share armor information.


Yes, the E-25 was to be armed with the PaK 42 L/70, as used in the later style JgPz IV's built bu Vomag & Alkett.


you must read a lot about German WWII armors.

if German started to use the E series, they probably gonna fought a little longer. these tanks shared many parts and could produce much faster than Tiger, Tiger II.


i do not like the war, but i think these idea really improve industrial system.


by the way, i like your commets: "There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell." April 11, 1880 - Columbus, Ohio

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