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Heading home


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Hey there guys here is my latest project it is a figure diorama, the figure was completely cut apart and reposed using epoxy putty and seam filler the model was not easy to do it took a lot of time and patience but i found the end product to be very satisfying. The face ended up being very difficult to do from my hands being shaky but it ended up OK. This figure didn't start out being a project just something to do why my bf-109 dried but I just ended up getting caught up in it and adding more and more detail until it was finished it took me three months and i am happy with the product . this diorama depicts a German solider heading home on leave and he is waiting at a bus stop waiting to head home .










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Nice job. I like him.


FWIW, One hint with the face is to thin the paints, even if you need a second coat.

The thin paints will lead to a smoother finish.

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