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1/16 31 FORD DIRT MODIFIED----- FINISHED----- 7-10-16


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I've been wanting to do this build for sometime. I've had the body for a few yrs and I think it's time to tackle this puppy. I've done some body work and built a chassis jig for the build. I was pondering on building the whole chassis from front to rear but...I had a 34 rod chassis and it pretty much fit in the right places...so...all I needed to do was Z the rear portion to get a little height for the fuel cell and suspension(coil over shocks) mounting points. Here's a look at what I've got to this point....Thanks for looking in...
The chassis......


The start of the fuel cell....



The body mocked up....



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Gary - great to se you posting another project! Working in 1/16 scale can feel very weird if you mostly do only 1/25-1/24th. In my mind all the parts seem very toy like because of the size and I want to try and keep improving them. Don't get me started on a few of the 1/8th scale models I have done [ working on my 3rd Pocher kit now], you can drive yourself crazy trying to fix every little item. I have gotten to the point that I just say enough is enough. Dan

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Here are a few update pics to show the fender wheels and the windows opened up. The Wheels and tires and the motor are in mock for measurements.


The wheels and tires are also mastered and made here in the shop..






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Hey Joe...I made them here in the shop. Made the masters and poured them in RTV rubber. The wheels are in Tan resin and the tires are made with a urethene black reasin.

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Here's a small update...The fuel cell was finished today. The shocks are in mock up for measurements. I'll probably build all four shocks as it's easier to attach them if they are able to move in and out. here's a look at what's done...




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Here's a small update... I removed the upper "A" arms and prepared the new "A" arms(from a Petty kit) to fit this chassis.The shocks that I decided to use are also from the Petty kit. The pics show the shocks before and after. The coil springs were made by wrapping wire around the correct size rod. This is all in mockup and will be adjusted as I go.
The "A" arms before and after being removed...



front shocks with coil springs....


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Sorry for the delayed response here Gary. Man you're really tearin' this one up! Those modifications look great!!!!

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Sorry for the delayed response here Gary. Man you're really tearin' this one up! Those modifications look great!!!!

Hey Joe...that's waaay OK...You're a STANG guy and that gets ALL the LEEWAY there is!!! LOL...Thank you for the compliment....


Well...here's another Chassis update. The front "A" arms on. Also the back bar and drive line hoop were built and installed. Then the cross bars were then fabbed and added. Now with that finished...I can set the Q.C. in place and build the 4 link suspension. The Back coil over shocks will be added(built) after that is complete. Here's a few pics of the progress.....


The permanent "A" arms..



Back bar and drive line hoop...





The X bars built and added...






Thanks for looking in on this build folks.....

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Got a little more done on the 4 bar rear suspension. The Axle and chassis brackets were drawn out on paper and then transferred to plastic and cut out. The chassis brackets aren't cut out yet. These are just in mock up to see how tight the bracket fit was on the axle. So far they look like they're going to work..



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Well...The 4 bar suspension is finished being fabbed and in mock up.The bolts aren't in as this is only temporary. After it's all painted...they well be added...Thanks for looking in folks...




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I managed to get a little building done during the Holidays. The coilovers(front and rear) were finished.The rear mounting bars for the coilovers were fabbed and they are mocked up in these pics. The white shocks are the front and blue are rears. As soon as the motor is set in it's permanent location( hopefully today) then I can get the correct length for the drive line. Then the interior sheet metal and bar work can begin...

The fabbed coil overs....

Rears mocked up....


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Thanks for the compliments BOB and JOE....


I did get the engine in it's permanent location and that enable me to set the correct length for the drive line.....

I also finished the shocks up(built the inner body on all four) and they are ready for paint....

I also wanted to make the front wheels pose-able. So I decided to fab a Rack& Pinion steering system out of Aluminum and Stainless tubing. Rod ends are from RB Motion. I used the 34 ford system as a guide and over all lengths...here are a few shots of that progress....


I used .020 wire to make the ribs and also used Teflon Tape to make it look like the rubber covers them. I then painted them flat black..



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I managed to get the bracket for the rack onto the chassis. The system is mocked up in these pics.The bolts are threaded and will have the nuts on them at final assemble....


The original idea for headers was the use of solder, but.....I found a set in a parts Petty kit I thought I might try first....After extending each tube and mocking it up...I really didn't like how they looked....Soooo...I went back to the original idea of using solder. This is solid solder so I don't have to seal the ends off to keep Rosin from leaking out yrs down the road. The Curved out tube was a Plastic coat hanger turned down and then bent to shape (with heat applied) and then the ends drilled out. The collectors will be made with heat shrink tubing.





A jig will be made to bend the headers into the shapes that are needed to clear the body and be mounted parallel(as much as possible...) to the deck.....

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A little update here... I made the bending jig for the headers out of a 2x2x6 and a 5/16 dowel. It worked real well for making that final bend. Here are a few pics of the progress...

The bending jig...

Headers after the first bend(a 1/4" rod was used for this)...

In the jig and after the second bend....



Mocked up on Engine....



The good thing about using solder is that small adjustments can be made pretty easy. I still need to drill out the heads where each tube hits as that will give me more "bite" when they are glued.

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I'm a member of solder exhaust as well there Gary. It looks like real exhaust pipe while being pliable enough to bend and make corrections to. Your progress looks great bud.

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