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P-40E Tomahawk

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1/48 Promodeler release of the old 1975 Revell P-40E.





I dropped the flaps and drooped the elevators. 3 Guys Replicas decals for the British desert scheme.


Questions, comments, and critiques welcome. Cheers!



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Nice build!
Question 1: Would a P-40E be a Tomahawk or a Kittyhawk?

Question 2: What colour did you use for your interior green?

Question 3: Did you have fun?

Question 4: Would you build it again?

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1) good question...I'd defer to a Brit for the true answer. I use Tomahawk because that's what it is to me.

2) Oddly enough, I used Model Master Interior Green (American color)

3) really enjoyed building the flaps, didn't enjoy drooping the elevators so much....too much work vs. over all look

4) This is my 6th built P-40 on the shelf, but I still have a Hasagawa "E" in the stash, so yes! But, will not build another Revell kit, as I have 2 of them on the shelf now!




GIL :smiley16:

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I think the P-40D onwards were "Kittyhawks", while the ealier ones were "Tomahawks". Clive Caldwell was an expert Tomahawk pilot and proponent (he once shot down two Bf 109Es that had bounced him and left him smoking, spirally earthwards) ... Stocky Edwards was a Kittyhawk ace. I got this book for free at one time, when Amazon were offering it at that price. Edwards said in that book that the Desert Air Force didn't get air supremacy until the Spitfires arrived in theatre, sometime around the 2nd Battle of El Alamein. Bf 109s from Jg 27 weren't be so interested in going after Blenheims and other bombers as the fighters, which might seem contrary to what most other Air Forces would think appropriate, but their tactics worked for them.


Model Master British Interior Grey-Green might be a closer match to the Du Pont colour that was used for machines built to Air Ministry orders. It's a bit lighter which, even if the US colour was used, may look better in the Desert environment, where sand got into everything.


I think it's a test of the kit's quality if, at the end of the build, you think you'd like to build another. The moulding of the wheel wells on this kit looks particularly nice.

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There's nothing really wrong with the kit outside of a too deep sitting cockpit, and the Promodeler re-release IS better than the original release from the 70's, which was essentially the 1/32 Revell P-40E shrunk down to 1/48. I will say that (IMO) it has the most accurate surface detailing, particularly for the gin bay hinges on the wings. I've stood directly begind the P-40E in the USAF Museum in Dayton, and the lapped panels on the fuselage and wings look like the Revell kit! The other P-40 kits have indented detailing/lines, whcih is easier to make look nice with a panel wash, but isn't technically as accurate. The only reason I wouldn't build another is "been there-done that", and not because it's a bad kit.


Gil :smiley16:

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