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  1. Clare, Maybe that it is the problem, I will have to get my grandsons over to operate it for me, one is 5 and the other 6. I did get it to work the other night though. Will keep working on it though. Have a happy and save new year.
  2. Thanks. I will take a look on Ebay. I am also having problems while using the airbrush, now that I can get the paint to come out. After spraying for a short while, the nozzle will get clogged. I suppose that I have some of the paint too thick. I will continue to experiment though. Hope all had a nice holiday season.
  3. Where is the best place to get the one's that you use? I got some but they are the craft ones, so am using them sparingly. Would a place like Walmart have them? My granddad smoked a pipe but I think back in those days they got them at the 5 and Dime store. Thanks, Carroll
  4. Oh, joy....... I have been able to cure the problem of no paint. I cleaned the paint nozzle and read up on how to airbrush in one of my FSM mags. I noticed that if I do not close the paint nozzle when I am not spraying, that paint dries very quickly on and in the nozzle. Now things are looking up!. Hopefully I will be able to show you guys some progress in the near future. Thanks again for all of the help. Carroll :D
  5. :lol: Wonder of Wonders!!!!!!! I disassembleed the paint nozzle part and low and behold it did have something stuck inside of it!!!!!!!!!!! After cleaning it out I was able to get a good bit of paint working. I guess the consistancy was still a little too thin as it would puddle up and run. Soooooooo, will try again latter to get the proper thickness. Like you guys say,,,,practice, practice,practice right? Thanks again for all the help...... Carroll
  6. Mike/Ralph, et al, Wow guys! This really is turning into a real learning experience! I am using distilled water for the thinner for the Polly S paint. I guess I used too much the first time. I wlll have to add more paint to the mix. I also am going to disassemble the paint nozzle and make sure it is clean. I use mostly flat paints and pretty much acrylics. I do have some of the MM Acryl stuff there. I will let everyone know my progess. Thanks again, Carroll
  7. I just can't say enough about all of the help.....I do have an an inline water trap. I was able to get the paint to come out for a short while last night but it seems to be plugged up again. Will have to disassemble to find the culprit. Seems the gremlins are playing havoc with me on this one. Will continue working with it later tonight. Thanks again for all of the help.
  8. I would like to thank all for the swift replies and great information. I used a very fine Micro Brush to insert into the paint area. I had added some Windex to it and some of the airbrush cleaner that came with the airbrush. I was able to get the paint to come out then. Now I need to work on the consistency, it was a little to thin, I guess. It came out and was beading up on the old model that I was testing on. I had used rubbing alcohol to clean the model with, but maybe it still had something still on it. About how far away from the model do you guys hold the airbrush? Maybe I was too far away. Thanks again for the great pics and all of the other help..... ;)
  9. Wow! Thanks guys! I will look into all of that. I have no guage on the compressor so not able to tell the psi coming out. All air connections seem complete no leaks are apparent and seems like plenty of air coming out the pointy end. This is the first time I have tried to use the airbrush so nothing has be shot through it before attempting the PollyS, except plain water. Thanks again...........
  10. I am having problems getting the paint to come out of the airbrush. This is the first time I have used it. A tested it with water alone, but it did not work either. The paint is properly thinned Polly Scale. Like I said plenty of air but no paint. I have adjusted the paint valve from one extreme to the other still no go. Help! Thanks.....
  11. I build for the fun and thirill of seeing the plastic take the shape of the boxtop art. I do it for the relief of having to worry about the daily things and just worry about the mess I am making of the model at hand. I have loved doing model planes since my first, that I begged for, a 1/72 F84. I only had Elmer's glue back then and was on vacation far from home. I had no paint and did not get the decals put on it. Where it went I have not a clue. My first car was a Studebaker that I ordered from the back of a cereal box. I waited patiently for 6 weeks for it to arrive via mail, that was dropped off by passenger train each day a 4 PM. Later in the early 60's a friend got me hooked on modeling again and we were constantly trying to out do each other. I loved B-17's, from the 12 O"CLOCK HIGH TV show. That was my goal, to bulld one of those. I did build one, Airfix 1/72, and it was my joy until it was destroyed when I thought I had no time for modeling. With 2 kits and a wife my life was too busy. The kids are married. The wife let me have my own room in our new house ( for modeling only) Now I have 3 B-17's, 3 B-24's, 2 b-26's, 1 A4 Skyhawk, 1 F-18, 1 F-4, and 1 Dauntless hanging from my ceiling. I have built more models in the last 4 years than all of my youth. I buld mostly aircraft, 1/72 & 1/48, with an occasional artillery piece thrown. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D
  12. Mark, Color me so green. I thought I was doing good to have 2 projects going at the same time! Whew! I guess I don't need to tell you to keep up the work, as you definately are working all of the time. They really look nice.
  13. planenuts


    Yes it is great to hand something like that to the people that did their best to help defend freedom and stay alive at the same time. I have built an 8 inch howitzer (1/35 scale AFV Club) that I plan to present to the VFW post that my Dad belonged to. He passed on in '94 before I could get back into modeling and find the model. Someday I would like to present one to the remainder of the FAB he was in, at one of their reunions.
  14. Wish mine could turn out so loverly....Great job. Love the wingfolds and the colors.
  15. Ralph, That is a good looking Skyhawk. I really like it. It looks so much better that my old Monogram one that I brush painted. I empathize on the job hunt. I went through that back in 02-03, after 20 years with a defense contractor. Started all over with the State here in TX at half the pay. It is a job. We have moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to our own house now and I have my own room for my stuff (modelling). Keep your chin up and good luck. Oh yeah, keep modelling too!... Carroll
  16. Color me so green with envy!!! That is a very good job. Love the camo and weapons load, just a great job, wish mine could look so good......
  17. Great Pics!. I went to an airshow near us back in April. There was an A1, Mig, T28's, C47, AT11's, P40, A10, T6's, and others. Was the second time at this one, enjoyed it a lot. Hope to go to the one in Galveston,TX in November. The Skyraider did not fly this year, but last year it did. That was a first for me. That is a really big single engine plane. Loved the A10/P47 Freedom Flight flybys.
  18. Hello, I'm new around town and this is my first post, but that really looks nice!!!!
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