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  1. Very cool. It's nice to see the '15 done with the white coating.
  2. Looking good Gil. I am definately going to to try this out.
  3. thehannaman

    LVG c.VI

    I have to echo whats been said above: great work. The propeller is especially brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very cool GIl. I love the looks of this one!
  5. Awesome stuff Gil. For such a well crafted, complex build, I think you're doing pretty good time-wise. I'd be nowhere near that level of completion in six months.
  6. Good luck. Please post pics if you can.
  7. You can do that to tone things down. Just be careful, less is more and it's very easy to overdo. You are going to want to dial down the air pressure (10-12psi should do it), thin the paint to near "dirty thinner" consistency and back off to about a foot from the project. Do a quick once-over and leave it dry. Come back after a few hours and see how you like it. You can always do more if need be. Good luck
  8. Finally, there is someone out there that even I can wedgie and call a... NERD!!!! And, yet..... I envy him...
  9. Very, very cool pictures, Tim. Thanks so much for sharing. They do have that romantic feel that someone mentioned earlier. Kind of an intangible innocence/purity. Greg, I thought I had just about every picture available of the P-36C's at the National Air Races. Now, maybe I do
  10. Those look awesome. Those look like they'll take up some serious real estate when completed. I have to get one to do battle with my 1/35th Marshydog.
  11. Great work! I love the look of the T-28, a very no-nonsense a/c. What markings are you going to put her in?
  12. Thanks guys. Sounds like Gator Glue is something that I should add to my modeling armory.
  13. Does Gater Glue fog canopies like standard CA can?
  14. Jeff, looks great. I love P-40's of all kinds. However, the NMF ones are a cut above. Nice job.
  15. Looks great. I was fortunate enough to see this one in person in Buffalo and I have to say, it looks even better face to face. Congrats on the plaque.
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