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  1. Gil, You may be right about the delay, but Kinetics track record for releasing what's been announced has been excellent to date. Besides, 2010 is now only a few months away, I've got my piggy bank earmarked! I'm most interested in it so that I'll have a source of detail parts for my Collect Aire kit. By then we ought to see some decals start to become available too, I'm gunning for VAW-115 from Midway 1978-9 and VAW-116 from Kitty Hawk 1983-4. Then, if only they do a C-2A kit or someone floats a Greyhound conversion, I'll have both the Air Wings I served with . As long as Great Models has it as a pre-order, I'm pretty sure I'll get it eventually.
  2. Awesome final photo Phil, err, Von (sorry I couldn't resist!) I enjoyed following the build too.
  3. I've already got mine on pre-order with Great Models but haven't heard any update news lately. Anybody else chompin at the bit for this one? have any inside info?
  4. Hi Bob, It's great to meet you here. Hope to make it to Tidewater for a visit and contest too.
  5. Hi Michael, It's nice to meet another modeler from SoCal. I used to go shoot rockets in the low hills of Ventura as a kid before it all got turned into condos and shopping malls. Glad this is still fun for you too. Hope to swap stories again soon.
  6. Hiya Keith, Nice to have you on board with the group. Great to see that you have a lot of diversity in your modeling history. Looking forward to seeing some of your work in the forums or gallery.
  7. Mark, It really is a great story! I may take you up on the tour next time I'm in SoCal visiting family. Best Regards and Model ON!
  8. Welcome to the crew Alex, this is certainly a great place to pick up lots of modeling skills and knowledge. You're among some great company, hope you enjoy it.
  9. Mark, I'll have to come back to finish reading all of this, but I've really enjoyed reading your numerous posts and topics. I wish I had the time and energy to build at the rate you do. And I promise I'll never call you Dukeinator.
  10. Congratulations Mandie and happy to have you as part of our, Fraternity? I goes that doesn't really fit but it conveys the sentiment. You'll have a blast at the nationals. See you in the forums.
  11. Great to know you Clare. Looking forward to an opportunity to do it person some day.
  12. Back at ya BRO! Manned up and ready YYyyyyyyYYYYYyyYYyyyyYyyYyeeeEEEeeEeeEeeeeeee
  13. Howdy folks, Everyone knows the Engars, Bill and Dick, Dem Brudders. My name is Keith and I'm the other half of, Dem Udder Brudders, along with my brother Ken. We and the Engars have been friends for a number of years and they coined the new title for us, and we use it with relish and a distinct sense of honor and respect for Bill and Dick. It's always a pleasure to have them here in Albuquerque for a visit or head up to Utah for whatever contest or event we can support them for. I'm the oldest of five siblings and started on this styrene journey at the age of 6, fostered by my father who was more of a stick and tissue man in my early years. I've been modeling pretty much ever since, through twelve years of service in the Navy on carrier flight decks, one marriage that bore me my now seventeen year old son, and my current wife and soul mate Sharon, who is tolerant and supportive beyond belief. I've worked in numerous hobby shops, the aircraft industry, and the medical field. I spent a year and a half recovering from a bad motorcycle accident learning to walk again with my young son, all the while playing at the work bench when time allowed. I joined IPMS in the late 70's but lapsed a few years. I've been a member ever since rejoining and attend local, regional and national events as often as possible. My modeling tends to be on the leisure side for my own entertainment, but I placed second in single engine prop a few years back with an inspired effort. I enjoy the social aspect of the society but have learned a ton of things from members all over the country that has had a positive and lasting impact on my enjoyment of the hobby. My interests have become more focused over the years. Primarily I'm a blowtorch fan and like anything modern jet, especially Navy. I have an affinity for the two Airwings I served with aboard the two carriers I was assigned to. USS Midway with CVW5 and USS Kitty Hawk with CVW2. As expected I'm also a fan of modern carrier aviation and have a stash of 700 scale kits that are slowly becoming my fleet. I tend to be one of those NUTS that love doing hypothetical subjects or markings, a 1/48 Monogram F-20, or F-5G, as an example. It is currently being converted to a two seat F-20G that may well go into Israeli markings (I love putting ANYTHING into Israeli markings, like the Me262 I'm almost finished with) I can't hardly touch a model without doing something unusual or, dare I say, controversial to it. I also love Formula One but have limited myself to the Tamiya 1/20 kits. I have a collection of 43 NASCAR kits and decals, to do the 1992 season ending race when Richard Petty retired and Alan Kulwicki won the Championship, AND my son was born! I dabble in armour, but only 1/35 SPG/SPH kits, mostly modern. And I'm an airliner freak, started when I was working at GE Aircraft Engines here in Albuquerque. I started the plant model display with a few 1/72 military subjects, and then started learning about airliners. Been riding that roller coaster ever since. 1/144 by the way. I've only recently started becoming active in the forums here and elsewhere but have been thrilled with all the positive aspects and responses I've seen and received. It's a real pleasure to be part of this group and count myself fortunate to be among you all. I look forward to the conversation and meetings to come, and to be renewed as well. Model on fellow Bothers of the Sprue (B.O.T.S)
  14. YYyYYYyyyYYyyYYyeeEEEeEeEEeEeEEeEEeEeeeEEeeeeEEEEE It's a brother thing!
  15. Wonderful job Dick, Nice pics on members gallery and photo bucket. I'm really interested in the forth coming write-up. I did the Google search on accessories and was quite impressed with the return. This should allow me the detail the Airfix kit and use the left over Airfix pieces to upgrade the Dynavecter issue. One question though, did you use the SAC landing gear and was it a worth the investment. Thanks much.
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