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  1. You might check the verlinden line up, you might find both or check ebay
  2. GHonanie

    Italeri M109?

    To be young, don't need them yet, but thinking about buying a set. 1/72 stuff is getting nicely detailed like there 1/35 counter parts
  3. Work kills modelling time, but it's all for the better

  4. Well here is my entry a Dragon M4A1
  5. Green and brown for the shrubbery :lol:
  6. Does anybody know if you can mix a cream "Bondo" type hardner with the Tamiya polyester filler as I had lost my little green tube of hardener? I have some higher end type automotive hardner which is blue in color.
  7. I toured it and took many pictures but didn't get to fly in it, too expensive for me
  8. This what landed in our little town, may come to your town. My link
  9. I would like to know how wide the turret id band was so I could airbrush it as the Dragon M4A1DV does not come with instructions on how wide it is. Anybody know?
  10. Well looks like the Nats armor catagories are gonna be tough this year. See you both in the hot cauldron.
  11. GHonanie


    except I traded one of yours Mark :P But this a cool halftrack. Think it needs to put in the monthly members gallery
  12. Mr Ford, like your M4A1 also liked Mr Aldrich's Hummel. Looks like it was stiff competion along with a lot o fun.
  13. Use American Accents Terra Cotta Spray Paint available from Wal-Mart or other Hardware stores. works great as anti-slip coating, just gotta mask of the parts you don't want to get it on.
  14. they've helped me a lot. as Mark said wait a couple days and you should get a email.
  15. At least you didn't have to break out the old rubber mallet :lol:
  16. I believe you are looking at the radio. should be green(sort of OD) or german grey with a black face. If you go to www.primeportal.net you should find some references there. But here is a build from Hauler. it's either 1/35 or 1/48, I don't remember.
  17. I just heard that Tenax is now out of production. anybody else hear of this? I think I'll go buy out the local LHS's stock.
  18. Welcome back. Hope you enjoy this round
  19. Maybe be if you search the forums on Missing-Lynx or Armorama you may find what you need.
  20. Not yet, but I did get an email from Dragon sometime ago for their pre-order.
  21. Hey, you forgotten to mention you like dirt lawns more than very green wet grass. :lol: Where's the Green Dragon at?
  22. I like to model and see how well I can put something together. I also like to see other peoples work to get Ideas and chat with everbody else. Since I mostly do armor, weathering is a plus and fun to do.
  23. GHonanie

    M1A1 TUSK II

    Here is something for all of you who wished for more to do with the Abrams. TUSK II conversion
  24. GHonanie

    TRUMPETER 1/35 T-62

    Here is the link, and it's not a Tamiya copy. all brand new. T-62 on Armorama Click on the "Link to item" below the T-62 box art and you shall see the kit. I already have one on preorder at Greatmodels.
  25. Mark here is a build forum on armorama using the Alan kit, kinda funny. Alan B4 build forum
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