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  1. Gator glue is great for photo-etch and glass.The guy that makes it is in my club.
  2. Thanks to every one who braved the horrible weather conditions to make it to the show.It was a good one despite the weather.It goes to show you we will go to a contest no matter the conditions.Thanks again!!!!!
  3. To all my friends coming to our contest this Saturday.Be careful traveling the weather looks bad for Friday.Hope to see you there.Matt
  4. It deserved the all the awards it received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Chris you and your wife made our local paper!!!!Thanks for doing it.
  6. Thanks to all who came and helped put on this show.We are a small group of around 10 members.With out all the outside help we get on contest day we could not pull this off.Thanks again.
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