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  1. Ken, and others: I have no idea if Ed and I could be related, probably not as my dad was born and raised in Rochester, N.Y. and we still live in Southern N.Y. As far as being a seasoned veteran, maybe I am, having been building since the 60s with no letup. Unfortunately my painting skills developed in the later 70s-early 80s. I have a small group of builders down here (5 members) and we call ourselves the Kitbashers Model Car Club. We meet the first Saturday of the month as holidays permit. I am just now starting to learn how to spray paint half way decent, with the airbrush to still be learned. One of our members is around 68 y/o and just learned to airbrush, so theres still hope for this tired old cat, LOLOLOL. I have gotten some awards for my models at Buffcon and the Glen Modeling Experience in Watkins Glen, N.Y. I got two third in 1/72 Aviation for an Air Force OV-10 ( one in Buffcon, one at the Glen) and a third forfor an AMT/Ertl 68-70 Nova. I did that as a modified box stock. Well thats enough about my models.
  2. Don't I wish!!! I'm so poor that I can't even pay attention!! ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but no cigar.
  3. Well, I guess I'll throw myself into the mix. My name is Dave Wahl, I'm soon to be 56 y/o (Aug. 11) and married to a woman who TOTALLY supports my insanity. In fact, when we were dating, Her Father gave me some space in his workbench so I would have a place to build while I was visiting his Daughter. We have two Daughters ourselves, Christina, who is married herself and has given me two beautiful Granddaughters, and Danielle, who is not looking for marriage yet. I started model building way back around 1962, when my dad got me an AMT 62 Imperial, which I built bone stock with no paint. That really got me going. I built a lot of Aurora, Lindberg, and Monogram 1/32 scale cheapies, But always liked the 1/25 scale 3-in-1 cars. Fast forward several years. I joined the Air Force in 1971 after Graduation from High School and Built a rather nice collection while I was in, but got rid of most of it when I got out. A few years later, I met my wife to be, and I had a fair sized collection by that time. Moving has damaged more than a fair share of my kits that were finished, but I still have a good amount to still be built. My main focus is 1/24-25 cars and pickups, but I also build 1/72 scale armor and aircraft, with a few 1/35 armor and a few 1/48 aircraft thrown in that people have given me. I also have a 1/72 PT 109, a Revell Destroyer USS Wardthat is going to be redone to look like my father-n-laws ship in WWII. He was on an old WWI era Flush Deck ship and the ward is actually is an older ship than his, but it is shown with a wooden deck and I have been informed that they had iron deck plates. I have pictures of dads ship from the 30's so I have some period shots to go by. I joined IPMS in June of 2008 when I finally got the $$$ and the go ahead by the wife to do it. I had been thinking about it for quite a while but couldn't swing it. Boy, all I can say is I was dumb for waiting so long. You people are fantastic, and I am looking for many years in the club. Thanks for letting me join in the fun. Have fun at the Convention next month.
  4. [duplicate photo posts removed in the interest of tightening this thread a bit...mod] Those are all amazing looking Mark. As far as I'm concerned, you are the "Iron Duke" forever. Dude those are wonderful looking pieces. I like the shots with the factory diorama. Very cool.
  5. [images removed since they're visible above...mod] Mark: You are truly the "Iron Duke". Those are truly wonderful looking models. I especially liked the Armor pieces you have going. You are definitly a "Man on a mission". That'll keep you busy while the rest are at the convention. Too bad you won't be able to go. Have fun anyway.
  6. I have 4 cars on the bench in various stages of build. I have a Johan 63 Plymouth Fury, which is going into primer when the rain stops, an AMT/Ertl 63 Chevy Impala that needs to get some putty on the roof to take care of a couple of divits made by my over-zealous self when I first built it, an AMT/Ertl 65 Chevelle wagon in primer ready to be painted. Going with a tu-tone White over Pacific Blue and making it a surf wagon, and an AMT/Ertl 32 Ford Coupe that will be Hot Roded. When I get the chance, I will try to get pix.
  7. Certain ones will catch my eye, others I could really care less about. The TJ Taxi was used in a scratch built project in Scale Auto a while back and I thought it was a neat starting point. We shall see.
  8. "Iron Duke" Those are all some neat looking braille scale models. That Karl Morser and "Loki" Munitionpanzer are awesome!! I still want to try to get to the convention, if I can come up with the bucks to do so. If I can, we definatelyneed to hook up to talk small scale.
  9. I know they don't have anything on the PzIa, but for anything else Military go to www.primeportal.net. They have all kinds of different armor, aircraft, weapons, tools and vehicles as walkarounds. Give the site a try.
  10. Yes, I would say a fine tribute to "Him" CAPTAIN CHAOS!I agree, rest in peace Dom.
  11. Well, at least the newer ones have a few condiments added to the packet. Things like hot sauce and such can add a little something to the blandness of the MRE. Still a lot better than "Pork Patties" or "Beef Patties". Either one, heated or otherwise, could be used as paving or as hockey pucks. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!! I'd much rather have something cold from the mess hall than those.
  12. Iron Duke: I think you have me confused with another Dave, cause I haven't been able to post except on one of my web groups. Two years ago, at our local show, Buffcon, I entered a 1/72 scale Kubelwagen in the small scale Armor category and got a second place medal.I'm not sure how to post pix on this site but I'm on the photo section in the Military-Aircraft yahoo web group under "Dave Models" That Stryker is amazing. Very nice work.
  13. Duke: I just got finished looking at all of your fantastic looking Armor pieces. You are just the Man. Those pieces are nice. I didn't see any pix of the finished Stryer though. What happened there?I like how everything else is turning out though. I am hoping that I can get my eyes working right so I can get back to my armor projects. Again, nice job "Iron Duke"
  14. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, you could have them or MREs. They aren't too bad, since some of them are freeze dried. They now give out little containers of Hot sauce to go with them to make them more palateable. The freeze dried fruits aren't half bad eaten plain, without water. Kinda like having the fruit and cereal in the AM.
  15. Well, I would expect that there would be some complications setting in after the constant "Box Nasties". I think my system would have decided not to try anything palatable for a while, ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!
  16. Well, I'm guessing that anything "fresh" at U-T wasn't worth eating anyway. You would have to try to get down what you could, and anything that couldn't spoil were the canned stuff, some of which may have been palateable. I remember guys coming back with horror stories of the dreaded Ham & Limas. We had one that the guys similarly hated, Ham & Eggs. They weren't too awfully bad, but my least favorite was the Pork Patties. They had the reputation of being mini hockey pucks in some kind of mystery gravy that acted and looked like 40 weight oil, and youcould use the patties to re-sole your shoes or re-pave the road, ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Yeah, our cars and trucks all had extinguishers in them, but not quite as loose as yours obviously were. I guess the LE guys had it a bit harder than us "Ground Pounder" types as far as getting meals down. O do remember one time, when I got a mission out to the field and drew a box lunch and drew an extra "In Flight "meal (Kinda like the older MCI meals) that had a can of fruit juice in it. I took the juice can out and took a big gulp. Well, I almost puked getting it out. I looked at the can and noticed that it was packeged in 1949!!!!! Everything else was edible, but not that stuff. Needless to say, I check every juice I got from then on. I don't seem to remember the wreckage of a BUFF on the upper pad, course missle people didn't see any Flightline duty. If you find them, I'd like to see tose pix.
  18. Thanks for the info on the different bases. I know what you mean about Jimmy Carters energy saving bit. When I joined the National Guard MPs in January of 78, the day before the blizzard in Buffalo, I was at the federal building in Buffalo, which is near the waterfront, with the building air temp. around 55 degrees. The tile floors in that 12 story building were down right cold. There was a bunch of people waiting for physicals, but when they asked how many prior service people were in the group, guess how many raised their hands. You guessed it, just little old me. I got to be first in line for heart rate check. You hit that ice cold floor in bare feet and it'll definately put a rise in the heart rate. Anyway, we didn't have any patrol cars when I was in the MPs, but we did have some Dodge Pickups for our duty in AT. We used the Base MP cars when we held Base police duties or used our own 1/4 tons for the job. We mostly were an EPW chaser outfit. I liked doing the duty in the field as opposed to base "white hat" duty. Base duty was kinda boring when compared to working in the field.
  19. I remember seeing some tall tail and some short tail BUFFs when I was there until 74. Those shots of the line were a memory kicker. All our L.E. cars had red lights on them, and not the blue lights that I saw in those pix. Now I gotta save all those pix for a photo reference for the projects. Now all I gotta do is find a Chevy Luv to make that one tiny truck. Did they use that for flightline duty, or was that a road truck?? Seems to me that just about anything could outrace that silly thing. Thanks again for the mind jogger.
  20. Cool!!! I went to tech school in Dec. of 1971 and graduated at the end of march 1972. I got to Ellsworth in time to standby while everyone got around to cleaning drainage ditches around the Missle silos. They talked me into doing AirSat in the missle complexes until late June of 72. I was in the missle wings Missle Support Flight, meaning we went with the maintenance teams to guard the missle hole while the security system was down. I enjoyed AirSat and Air Convoy duty the best. When I started, we were the 821st missle support f;ight. After a while, we were integrated into the 44th strategic missle wing and became the 44MSF. Those vehicles sound pretty interesting. I'll have to look some of them up, as I like doing MP/Security Police vehicles.
  21. I didn't get any time over in 'Nam, but I do recognize the vehicles. I was in Security Police 81130 from 1971 through 74 , stationed at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota, guarding Minuteman missle silos. I almost got a round trip ticket to Thailand, but they scrapped my orders at the last minute. I would like to try those models in 1/72 scale, if they have them both. Very nicely done
  22. A very impressive looking Corvette there. Interesting Decal work also. Dave Wahl #46035
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