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  1. Excellent baka "idiot" bomb. One of the more interesting planes in WWII, and a very quality and interesting build.
  2. I have 7 Messerschmitt Bf 109's, (or variations such as an Avia S-199) and 4 in the stash. And yes, very much my favorite plane. Every once in a while my wife gives me something else just because she is nervous about swasticas and dull colors. For Christmas she got me a Spitfire Mk. IX, "yeah the good guys!" in an aluminum dope camo.
  3. I have a Hasagawa Bf 109-G , which is not big deal to build. However, for a project I have every aftermarket improvement doo-dad that I could find. Plus I am planning a complicated winter camo and decal motif, (Gruppenkommandeur Horst Carganico Mickey Mouse). I tried something similar in 2009 but it was a bust so I resolve to try try again.
  4. Beautiful build; with the canopy open I can not see the problem there. The engine and miscellaneous stuff in the compartment looks incredible.
  5. Prolific and inspiring. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. Great to know you. Look forward to your builds on line.
  7. I joined IPMS last year after resuming my on and off romance building models, when as a "mature" man I wanted to hone my skills over and above the past. I started building models after my father, career USN, introduced me to the hobby with some USN jets. The first plane I built at age 6 was a Revell Douglas A-3D Skywarrior. I can still remember it after all these years - I loved the box illustration and had it on my different bedroom walls for years. I continued building through college years but then life moved on and building models did not. Only one plane survives on my shelf from those days; a Tamiya (I think) Brewster Buffalo B-339, that I inaccurately built as a Model 239 in Finnish service. Thirty years later I start again. The kids are older and don’t need me, my wife is fine with a harmless hobby, (I don’t think she realizes how much I have spent on tools, supplies, after market stuff and a small stash. I am not going to tell her!), and work is not so all encompassing that I am paralyzed. I have space available in my home to build a man cave, and don’t look back. Since 2006 I have built twelve 1/48 planes, mostly Axis, and ten 1/48 armor kits, mostly Axis soft side. And wow am I happy doing this! And I have learned an awful lot from IPMS. Thanks one million!
  8. Like many people, I started building models as a young boy and thereafter moved into and out of the hobby through out my life. Currently I am building 1/48 WWII Axis planes and support equipment. Why? I think in order to be alone in an otherwise chaotic (normal) life. While anarchy reigns at work and home, I can slip into my man-cave and go one-on-one with my plastic. I am accountable to myself and produce for myself. Success is what I make it. No one complains if something doesn't quite works out, except perhaps me and I am pretty easy on myself. In fact, that might be the bottom line - I am pretty easy on myself. And I keep getting better with the models I make.
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